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    Easily Start and Grow a Resume Writing Business
    Welcome to the Resume Business Roadmap™

    Resume Business Roadmap Bundle (2 books, an online course, coaching and support)
    Resume Business Roadmap Bundle (2 books, an online course, coaching and support)

    Your roadmap to building a lucrative and rewarding resume writing business.

    This course represents the pathway for anyone who has ever dreamed about starting a resume writing business OR anyone who already has one and is struggling to get it off the ground and surpass the $100,000 revenue mark.

    Maybe you can relate to my entrepreneurial origins:

    Way back in 1975 my seven year old self was eating cereal from the box at 6:00 AM and grumbling because I KNEW without a doubt that I was never going to be a teacher because this was WAY too early to get up. I didn’t know yet how most professional and profitable careers were going to require similar start times!

    Fast forward to 1997 when my 29 year old self had pioneered a successful business and was able to give up my expensive office front and move my 6-figure resume and career services business into my home. Within the next two years I would go 100% virtual to work solely by phone and email!

    There are so many rewards to be had when you successfully start a resume writing business:

    Freedom to work wherever, whenever, and with whomever you want!
    Unlimited prospects for you: someone always needs a resume.
    Uncapped Income potential with 2- to 4-figure sales!
    Rewarding career with the chance to make a major difference

    Yes, you really can work from home when you start a resume writing business!

    Working In My PJs

    The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has opened our eyes to how many jobs can actually be done from home, but few let you set your own income and hours. Many are temporary accommodations for social distancing or quarantining.

    But I’ve been working from home in my PJs (when I want to) since 1999.

    In fact, I can barely count how many times a resume writer who has used my system to build their business has sent me a picture of them in their fuzzy slippers, feet up, closing a 4-figure sale on the phone!

    But don’t just do it for all that FREEDOM!

    Shocked businesswoman looking money at laptop

    Is it really possible for a resume writer to earn over $100,000 annually?

    The answer is, “Yes! Absolutely!”

    Your Success Coach, Laura DeCarlo

    Going as far back as 1996, I was bringing in $100,000+ in revenue as a resume writer thanks to the processes I created in packaging services and making selling into an educational process. (Because who likes to sell?). At the time I had a 94-97% close rate on prospects of all ages, incomes, and experience levels.

    Since shortly after that time I began sharing my strategies and expertise with resume writers and career coaches, which led to many happy successes and the start-up of Career Directors International in 2005. I’ve helped hundreds of career professionals from around the world to successfully start and grow new businesses and others to revamp existing businesses.

    For instance:

    Your script was like some kind of magic. He tried to give me his credit card while driving! In the past they used to tell me they were driving as a way to get off the phone. But, by using your tried-and-true method, driving was not an object, it’s like I was giving away gold.

    Through use of your methodology I’m now closing sales at slightly more than double my former prices. Your wisdom and guidance also allowed me to take a 2-week vacation while still having the largest revenue month of the year.

    I have 100s of stories like this for my business consulting, courses and CDI, but some of my favorites are told to me in elated confidence:

    “I keep raising my prices and they keep buying. I closed $11,000 last week, which is my highest ever.”

    “I wanted to let you know we are on target to break one million in sales this year as we’ve already closed over $800,000.”

    “Thanks for liking the photos of my new riverfront home. I wouldn’t have been able to purchase that without your coaching.”

    I love this industry for many reasons, particularly: You potentially have an unlimited market base.

    At some point in time EVERYONE needs a resume or knows someone who needs a resume!

    It’s basically recession proof.

    Even during the COVID pandemic, we saw resume writers with a system having more business then they could handle!

    This is the perfect industry for an aspiring or talented writer because you get to make an amazing living while making a difference! You get to set your own prices and schedule! You get to pick and choose to work only with clients and industries you love! You are your own boss!

    You get everything you need to start a resume writing business in Resume Business Roadmap™.

    I’ve spent years putting together a system I know will provide you with everything you need to start and grow a resume business that has every chance of becoming a six-figure-plus success story! Whether you are just starting out or needing a system to build the resume writing business you have, it’s all here!


    Video Module Introductions


    Print Lessons


    Best Practice
    Tip Sheets


    Worksheets &


    Scripts & Templates

    Step-by-Step Personal Branding
    Step-by-Step Personal Branding
    Private Facebook Support Group
    Private Facebook Support Group

    Program Modules and Lessons include:

    Business Essentials for Start-Up
    • Planning, tools and expectations for starting and running a practice.
    • Business naming for growth, scale and future sale.
    • Taxation model and business structure.
    • Taking payments.
    • Effective business mindset to cultivate for success.
    • Maintaining work-life balance and time management.
    • Winning customer service, client satisfaction and communication.
    • Client contracts and agreements.
    Branding, Marketing and Growing for Success
    • Target marketing – generalist or niche.
    • Personal branding.
    • Websites and SEO.
    • Blogging.
    • Building a local business and beyond.
    • Marketing with LinkedIn.
    • Growing and using a list.
    • Collecting testimonials that close sales.
    • Getting referrals.
    Services, Packaging and Selling for 6-Figure Profit
    • Services to offer.
    • Pricing for comfort and profit.
    • Packaging for success.
    • Winning no-fear sales consultation and closing process.
    • Importance of resume writer certifications and awards.
    Next Steps on Your Journey for Growth
    • Being a resume subcontractor / hiring subs.
    • Evaluation for increased free time and profits.
    • Corporate transition assistance workshops.
    • Making money while you sleep.
    • When it is time to work with a VA or project manager.
    • How to take a vacation without losing business.
    Private Facebook Support Group
    $100K Resume Business Facebook Group

    A must for your success, this group will allow you to ask questions and get support from fellow entrepreneurs and me. It will also give you first access to challenges, live events, announcements, and more.

    Want to See What’s Inside Each Module?

    Download a PDF with a detailed outline of every lesson, worksheet, best practices and done-for-you tool in the course.

    It’s important for me to point out that while CDI has members from around the world and I personally coach clients worldwide as well, that these materials are based on U.S. systems of business. Everything IS adaptable to different countries and will create a winning system for resume writers. However, some elements may not be applicable such as taxation and licensure.

    When you register for Resume Business Roadmap™ you also receive these registration bonuses:

    Live Support & Coaching Call
    ($199 value)

    Q&A Coaching Event Recording

    Q&A coaching event with Laura DeCarlo, course creator and 6-figure success coach.
    Recording is in your course portal.

    Get indispensable hot seat coaching, support, and strategy when you join me for this live group coaching event.

    ($1397 value)

    Bonus Resume Writing Lessons

    Amp up your resume writing with core lessons and tools.

    • Elevate Your Resume Formatting from Blah to Brilliant  (Video)
    • Create Resumes That Emotionally Resonate With Employers (Video)
    • Super-Secret Red Carpet Resume Writing Strategy (Lesson)
    • Resume Data Mining: Client Information Gathering & Control (Audio)
    • 5 Steps to Resume Information Gathering (Infographic)
    • Creating Resumes That Visually Pop (Best Practices)
    • Strategies for Client Resume Writing Interviews (Best Practices)
    • Employment Gaps in the Resume (Best Practices)
    • Writing Resumes for Career Changers (Best Practices)
    • Beginner Guide to Adding Graphics to Resumes in MS Word (Lesson)
    • Sample Resume Questionnaires
    • Best Resume Writing Fonts List
    • Action Verb List
    Resumes for Dummies 8th Ed
    ($19.97 value)

    Resumes for Dummies

    Learn Resume Writing with Resumes for Dummies, 8th edition.

    This bonus Kindle edition is guarantee for those residing in the United States. So far we have been able to send it through Kindle to other countries, but we cannot guarantee it will work.

    It’s Time to Start Your Resume Writing Business or Grow the One You Have!

    Whether you are just starting out or want to exponentially grow the resume writing business you have, Resume Business Roadmap™ is your perfect guide.

    Your course includes:

    • Strategic video and print lessons.
    • Done-for-you scripts, client agreements, and follow up email templates.
    • Step-by-step personal branding process.
    • Support with a private Facebook group.

    Your bonuses are:

    • Savings of 75% on the course.
    • Recording of previous live Q&A coaching call.
    • 15 resume writing lessons.
    • Digital copy of Resumes for Dummies, 8th edition (US orders guaranteed only; others can be attempted but it will depend on Amazon/Kindle/country of residence).

    Save big when you order today:

    When you purchase this special package, you receive bonuses and savings totaling $2615.97!

    Non-Member Pricing

    CDI Membership is not included or required.

    Pricing FOR MEMBERS

    Members save $200 on one-time payment

    This course is designed to teach you the business side of becoming a profitable resume writer. It does not teach resume writing beyond the bonus lessons and copy of Resumes for Dummies, 8th edition (US orders guaranteed only). Purchasing Resume Business Roadmap™ assumes you already know how to write a resume. Additional resume writing training can be attained through self-study or when becoming a member of the parent organization, Career Directors International. 

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