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Have a $20K Week When You Start a Resume Writing Business

CDI's Resume Business Roadmap Black Friday Launch - Start and Grow a Resume Writing BusinessWhen I set out to create this course many years ago to help talented writers start and grow a resume writing business, I could only imagine my clients would have $11,000-20,000 weeks as solo resume writers. But it has become reality!

Somehow there is a serendipity in the world in that whenever I pour my heart and soul into a new program, I always start receiving raving fan emails from my private clients at the same time. That’s what happened on Monday when I sent the early Black Friday announcement for this course and then went and checked my email.

I found this in my inbox:

I just made $20K. In ONE WEEK. Clients are moving forward on the $3500 resume writing (and LinkedIn) package.

The really awesome parts are that this individual accomplished this without having to offer coaching services AND just by following the consultation module strategy that I provide in this course!

$100,000 income and beyond really is possible for a resume writer!

If you didn’t get a chance to take a peek at the course page yet due to the U.S. holiday hubbub, here’s an overview:

Welcome to Resume Business Roadmap™ – everything you need to start and grow a resume writing business!

This course represents the pathway for anyone who has ever dreamed about starting a resume writing business OR anyone who already has one and is struggling to get it off the ground and surpass the $100,000 revenue mark.


Resume Business Roadmap Components

Resumes for Dummies 8th EdPlus BONUSES:

  • Savings of 75% on the course.
  • Live Q&A coaching call.
  • 15 resume writing lessons.
  • Digital copy of Resumes for Dummies, 8th edition (U.S. orders only).

When you purchase this launch special package, you receive bonuses and savings total $3115.97!


Business Essentials for Start-Up

  • Planning, tools and expectations for starting and running a practice.
  • Business naming for growth, scale and future sale.
  • Taxation model and business structure.
  • Taking payments.
  • Effective business mindset to cultivate for success.
  • Maintaining work-life balance and time management.
  • Winning customer service, client satisfaction and communication.
  • Client contracts and agreements.

Branding, Marketing and Growing for Success

  • Target marketing – generalist or niche.
  • Personal branding.
  • Websites and SEO.
  • Blogging.
  • Building a local business and beyond.
  • Marketing with LinkedIn.
  • Growing and using a list.
  • Collecting testimonials that close sales.
  • Getting referrals.

Services, Packaging and Selling for 6-Figure Profit

  • Services to offer.
  • Pricing for comfort and profit.
  • Packaging for success.
  • Winning no-fear sales consultation and closing process.
  • Importance of resume writer certifications and awards.

Next Steps on Your Journey for Growth

  • Being a resume subcontractor / hiring subs.
  • Evaluation for increased free time and profits.
  • Corporate transition assistance workshops.
  • Making money while you sleep.
  • When it is time to work with a VA or project manager.
  • How to take a vacation without losing business.

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