Expert Trends Report: Employee Compensation and Work-Life Balance

This fantastic PowerPoint presentation is developed on the efforts of CDI’s Education committee to bring you the newest trends in employee compensation (salary), employment trends, and employee work-life balance.

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Today, job seekers face an uphill challenge in overcoming massive change, due to a variety of issues. The employment landscape is changing based on the global economy, women in the workforce, and environment awareness. This Expert Trends report draws on important changes and trends in North America and Europe that you and your clients need to know to ensure the success of your clients in negotiating their future job opportunities.

Launched by the Research Committee of Career Directors International, a global association of career professionals, these studies chart distinct industry trends and distills them to key points, which will provide immediate value to career professionals worldwide. For those working with adult job seekers, students in college-to-career transition, or any individual searching for a job in today’s market, these papers will be invaluable tools to increase effectiveness in the midst of such significant change.

We know your time is short! We’ve converted this and all future reports to PowerPoint slide-deck PDFs so that you can capture needed information as quickly as possible!

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