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    Tips for Landing Your Ideal Job

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    There are four key steps you can take toward landing your ideal job:

    Determine if Your Old Resume Represents Your Career & Qualifications Well on Paper 

    It is important to ask yourself: Does this resume truly reflect my skills, qualifications, and abilities? Is this resume updated to my current position? Is my resume basically a laundry list of job responsibilities? Do I outline my entire work history without consideration to my career goal and job target? Do I say too much or not enough in marketing myself? Does my resume need a “facelift” in terms of writing, formatting, and complying with modern resume standards?

    Assess Your Career Direction and Current Career Goal

    Review job descriptions on the Internet or go directly to company websites. Then ask yourself honestly: Do I have the qualifications to do well in this position? And is this a position I’d be interested in applying for if the geographic location, company culture, and salary requirements are a “good fit?” Would I consider this my ideal job or one that could lead to obtaining my ideal job?

    Be Proactive with the Job Search Tactics You Will Use to Market Yourself 

    Is your idea of conducting a job search posting your resume on Monster and CareerBuilder and then waiting to hear from prospective employers? If so, you may be surprised to learn the “new” (and not-so-new) job search strategies involve company research, informational interviews, telephone pre-screenings, networking, and not focusing on “advertised” positions. Seeking out the right professional help and the good resources on the Internet, such as Indeed.com, can be instrumental to job seekers.

    Write a Resume that Captures Your Value, Paints a Picture of your Background, and Targets You for Your Ideal Position

    Does your resume show what you bring to the table and why a potential employer should hire you? The most effective way to demonstrate that fact on a resume and get hiring managers to call you for an interview is to outline your Accomplishments / Achievements in your present and past positions – not just listing job duties with a vague Objective Statement. Potential employers want to know why they should hire YOU versus the hundreds of other candidates applying, so conveying what makes YOU stand out and how can YOU be immediately productive to their company is the key to getting noticed.

    By using these tips, you will be on your way to competing well in today’s competitive job market. Stay tuned next month for the second of a 3-part series on “Tips for Landing Your Ideal Job.”

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    1. Nice job on ensuring people get the fundamentals. Yes, get these fundamentals down then work on getting more effective in networking with power and marketing yourself boldly. Interview skills and networking initiatives must follow this foundational checklist fro Darlene.

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