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    Theme Song Contest + All-New Annual Conference

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    Here at CDI we have been incredibly busy changing up our whole conference concept to bring resume writers, career coaches, and other career professionals something TOTALLY UNIQUE AND TOTALLY SUPER-POWERED with Entrepreneurial Success Secrets Live for resume and career pros.

    So, what’s different? JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING.

    But just for some highlights:

    There’s a career pro theme song contest!! If nothing says we’re serious about how different this event is, than this should show you. It’s simple – submit your career/resume/career superhero theme song set to a well-known song by the deadline, the Board will pick the best 3-5, members will vote on the favorite, the winner gets a free year of membership or $250 off the conference. Laura sings it (screeches maybe? sorry but she admits singing is not her super power) live at the conference and allows it to go on YouTube. Then, we all sing it and post that recording too. Plus, we get a theme song!

    The schedule: Kicks off on a Wednesday at 6:30 PM and ends on Saturday at 1 PM. Check it out to see how very different it is.

    The experience: This isn’t just showing up to learn. This is an experience that will change you in more ways than your knowledge and business ROI. We’d have to write several paragraphs to give you insight into all that we is in store for you (use link above for a peek).

    The meals: There’s now a banquet dinner and dance party on Friday night!

    The fun (and super-power): The event is set up to make you laugh, smile, feel warm and fuzzy, connect, dance, see the infinite possibilities in store for you, and make you more empowered. You may be empowered now but we want you Super-powered, career hero style! (And yes, expect hugging).

    The content: Good news — we’ve lined up some extremely power-packed presenters in our three core areas of career, business, and resume writing. But, we’ve also crafted in mini-sessions guiding you along a growth theme, teams who meet live three times to help each other create and walk away with a marketing collateral piece by the end of the conference, a group breakout session, and several check points and recharge activities throughout.

    But it’s limited! So don’t wait too long to get in on this!

    • Registration has a cap to ensure you have the experience we plan.
    • Host hotel property WILL sell out early. Last year Tuesday was closed by July.
    • The Super Early bird rate (lowest price) ends March 31st.
    • 7-pay option (lowest monthly rate) ends February 28th.

    Start Your Journey Now!

    Visit our Conference home page to access navigation for the schedule and speaker highlights, theme song contest, attendee testimonial quotes and videos, accommodations, registration, sponsorship/exhibitor options, and a look back at 2014 and 2013.

    We can’t wait to experience all the infinity possibilities that are in store for all of us!

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