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    6 Time-Saving and Stress-Busting Chat Bot Prompts for Busy Entrepreneurs

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    CDI Chat Bot Time-Saving Prompts for Busy Entrepreneurs

    Overwhelm might be the middle name of many a busy entrepreneur with the multiple stressors and responsibilities that pop up each day, but I’ve got a Chat Bot prompt for that!!

    In my Don’t Fear the Chat Bots series, I’ve mentioned ChatGPT acting as your virtual virtual assistant before because it can save you so much time. But because there has been so much concern about ‘can AI replace us’ so far I’ve only talked about applying it to our services such as resume writing, bio creation, job search and coaching.

    However, it’s uses for the customer-facing, course-learning and social media are far-reaching to save you time, energy and even frustration.

    We could, and it’s been done, write a book on all the prompts you can use. But with the help of a colleague who preferred to not be mentioned, I’ve compiled some of my favs:

    6 Time-Saving and Stress-Busting Chat Bot Prompts for Busy Entrepreneurs

    Note: While I consider ChatGPT and Google Bard to be interchangeable, all but the final two items in this list can be used with whatever open AI chat bot you wish. 

    #1 – Time-slash stressful and sensitive responses:

    Have to respond to a very stressful communication? Trying not to apologize for something that really isn’t your fault with a client who didn’t pay attention? Not sure you can keep the snarl out of your words/tone? Don’t want to waste time agonizing over every word?

    Write down whatever you think you want to say, not worrying about tone or word choice or even perfect grammar. Just get it out quick.

    Chat prompt: Make this sound friendly, professional but not apologetic. (Paste in document).

    #2 – Encourage and motivate someone when you’re disappointed and/or overwhelmed:

    Dealing with a job seeker who is incessantly texting or calling with their fear, negativity and/or paralysis and they aren’t listening? At your wit’s end with a VA, team member or subcontractor who isn’t following through? Don’t want to come off disappointed, disinterested or frustrated?

    Write down whatever you think you want to say, not worrying about tone or word choice or even perfect grammar. Just get it out quick.

    Chat prompt: Rewrite this to sound encouraging and positive. (Paste in document).

    #3 – Save time compiling material into an email, client document or blog post:

    Do you find yourself making notes to give to a client or VA, and then you need to put it all together? Maybe your client sent you five separate emails that overlap and you don’t want to read and compare twice? Been piecing together a new blog post from various research and now you need to get rid of overlap and see what you’ve got?

    Gather all the materials together with cut and paste.

    Prompt: Compare and contrast these items (or opinions, etc.) and write a report (blog post/email, etc.) on the findings. (Paste in materials).

    #4 – Identify and distill trends into blog and social posts:

    Want to find out what timely topics you should be writing about? Need a head start gathering content for a post together in less time?

    Note: Be careful here as ChatGPT has not been updated with content past mid-2021. This is a better prompt for Google Bard.

    Prompt 1: What are five new trends in (___________) for 2023?

    Prompt 2: Write a 500-word blog post at the 4th grade level about trend (____________).

    Prompt 3: Write a LinkedIn post about this blog with hashtags.

    Review, rewrite, run through a chat bot for plagiarism. (See list below).

    Chat Bot-specific: 

    #5 – Make sure a VA, ghost writer, AI or other contributor didn’t plagiarize:

    Want to make sure your great resource wasn’t plagiarized by the writer or the chat bot who compiled it? Always doublecheck! There are several specialized chat bots just for this kind of thing. The first five were recommended to me by a copywriter:

    • AI Text Classifier
    • ZeroGPT.com
    • Grammarly.com
    • CopyLeaks.com
    • GoWinston.ai
    • GPTRadar.com
    • CopyScape.com
    • ContentatScale.ai
    • Plagibot.com
    • GPTZero.me

    #6 – Save time learning from a course and/or summarizing your training materials or resumes:

    Did you create an e-book, lesson or mini-course and now you’d like to summarize what it’s all about for marketing? Are you taking a course and have a transcript or written materials in a PDF you’d like to understand quickly with an overview? What if you could take a prospect’s resume and get a summarization of findings (or even the resume you wrote for summary ideas)? To put the cherry on top, what if each summarization also delivered three questions a reader was most likely to ask?

    While those are vastly different scenarios, they all work here.

    While you can do something short with most chat bots, many will bog down around 500 words or 4000 characters making them impractical for any resource of length.

    But there is a free/low-fee tool worth checking out called ChatPDF.com.

    Prompt: Not really needed. Just paste in a PDF and it will give you a detailed summary and three questions most often asked by a reader about the content.

    The possibilities here are pretty endless for repurposing long-form content.

    • ChatPDF.com

    Note: Any for-fee resources above have not been tested and are suggestions only. We receive ZERO affiliate fees for any fee-based tools you might try.

    Get Started with Time-Saving Chat Bot Prompts Now

    It’s very easy to start using chat bots in your business to save you time and stress. Just get a free ChatGPT or Google Bard account to start. There are features of both I prefer, but otherwise they function similarly.

    Once you’re set up, just start asking it questions like you would do with a friend or VA.

    For instance, “Can you do this _______________?”

    If you’re like me, you’ll start finding that you are interacting with the AI since it’s always available to rewrite, summarize, compare, combine, retarget, or research.

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