6 Time-Saving and Stress-Busting Chat Bot Prompts for Busy Entrepreneurs

CDI Chat Bot Time-Saving Prompts for Busy Entrepreneurs

Overwhelm might be the middle name of many a busy entrepreneur with the multiple stressors and responsibilities that pop up each day, but I’ve got a Chat Bot prompt for that!!

In my Don’t Fear the Chat Bots series, I’ve mentioned ChatGPT acting as your virtual virtual assistant before because it can save you so much time. But because there has been so much concern about ‘can AI replace us’ so far I’ve only talked about applying it to our services such as resume writing, bio creation, job search and coaching.

However, it’s uses for the customer-facing, course-learning and social media are far-reaching to save you time, energy and even frustration.

We could, and it’s been done, write a book on all the prompts you can use. But with the help of a colleague who preferred to not be mentioned, I’ve compiled some of my favs:

6 Time-Saving and Stress-Busting Chat Bot Prompts for Busy Entrepreneurs

Note: While I consider ChatGPT and Google Bard to be interchangeable, all but the final two items in this list can be used with whatever open AI chat bot you wish. 

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