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    A $200 Investment Got This TORI Resume Winner $30-60K in Revenue

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    TORI Resume Writing Awards - $200 got this writer $30-60K revenue

    Registration for the 2023 TORI resume awards are slowly clicking away.

    But it’s just a competition so might as well skip it, right?

    Well, what if your small investment in time and registration sky-rocketed your revenue by $30-60K like it did for this member?

    TORI winner Marie Plett has had multiple successes from her nominations and wins. With the immense value it has had to her business, she urged me to again share her TORI success story with you again this year.

    We knew you would want to learn how her $200 TORI investment has earned her approximately $30,000-60,000 in additional revenue in a year! (Subsequently, she’s had continued results from her 20182021 wins). 

    This could be you!

    I made the most lucrative marketing investment in the 14-year history of my company when I entered the 2017 TORI Awards. Since I submitted resumes for all 8 categories, I only paid $200 for all my entries. Of those 8 submissions, 6 went on to win nominations and subsequent TORI Awards.

    Since then, I consistently get at least one ready-to-order client per month, willing to spend an average of $2,500 for my services. They have only heard about me through the TORI Awards and nowhere else. These clients often place online orders without any kind of phone engagement.

    But let me tell you about the surprise type of customer that tends to contact me on a (roughly) quarterly basis. These are clients who have already worked with TORI-winning resume writers. Sometimes, they want to change out their existing writer for the new hot shot. Other times, they return to the website of their existing writer, see that they won a TORI Award in 2011, and then go look at the TORI Award page out of curiosity to find me, the newest winner. When they find out their writer hasn’t won an award since 2011, they call on someone who has.

    That’s right – you can’t rest on your laurels. Discerning executive job seekers want the newest and hottest champions. Each and every year.

    These ‘TORI-snob’ clients have opened another steady revenue stream. Again – I don’t need to pitch them. They see the awards and the samples, and they are ready to order.

    My $200 annual investment makes me tens of thousands of dollars from customers who are already excited and ready to buy my services – no sales pitch needed. I can’t even calculate how many sales my TORI Awards have generated by convincing on-the-fence prospects to invest thousands of dollars for my services.

    I’ll be entering again in 2022 because I know (just like all the other competitors who enter year after year) exactly how important it is to submit as many resumes as I can. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

    Push your limits, bring your A-game, and show the world just how amazing you can be. Your bank account and the reputation of your business can only stand to benefit.

    TORIThat’s why you see writers like Marie enter the TORI resume writing awards every year!

    But, don’t look at these multi-time winners and think it’s not for you. Every year we see new names show up on the nomination and winners list.

    Plus, this year again offers additional opportunity with the Classic design categories!

    What would it mean to your business if the next name on the TORI nomination or winners list was yours? 

    Registration closes this Friday, July 20, 2023.

    (Remember, once you get registered you still have until August 9, 2023 to purchase more categories and submit).

    Learn more about the TORI awards now >>

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