Resumes for Singaporean New Graduates

By Boon Sin Teo

The Asian Financial Crisis. Global terrorism. SARS and bird flu. What do these have in common that impacts the typical fresh graduate in Singapore?

ANS: Negative impact on the Singapore economy, eliminating the once inherent optimism of fresh graduates towards entering the job market.

However, finally good news is filtering in. The job market is picking up again and with it, job prospects. Between January and March this year as reported by the Sunday Times on May 23, 2004, 14,300 new jobs were created. Things are looking up again, and this spells hope for the graduating batch of 2004.

One would expect that after these tough times, jobseekers, especially fresh graduates, would be more mature and savvy in their job search strategies.

On closer inspection however, one finds that the traditional methods of job search are still pervasive, and are very much entrenched in the way fresh graduates conduct their job search campaigns.

There are three main avenues through which fresh graduates look for jobs. They are:

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