Preparing for the Seasonal Sales Slump

By Lea Clark

As soon as the Halloween costumes hit the retail shelves, many us who are in the career field begin to see a major decline in sales. People begin thinking about Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas presents instead of improving their career path. So, while it may seem a bit early to start planning for the decreased sales many of us generally experience from October to December each year, this is the perfect time to begin planning your seasonal advertising campaigns and alternative income activities. As career professionals, we should consider how we can turn this change of focus our advantage, based on our personal strengths in the industry.

What better time is there to remind people that the end of the year is when companies are preparing to use their new fiscal budgets to hire new people, give merit raises and bonuses, offer promotions, and create or expand teams and departments. It is also the time of year when companies are hiring and eliminating seasonal workers.

This year, I have decided to use CDI’s September is “International Update your Resume Month” as a launching point for my year-end activities. Starting with August’s Update your Resume Month press releases and continuing through the middle of December with extra newsletters to my clients offering Christmas gift certificates and holiday oriented-sales campaigns, I hope to see a significant improvement over the past few years’ drop-off in revenues.

There are several areas that can be targeted to keep the cash flowing during this time of year.

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