Making $$$ Beyond the Resume: Thank You Letters

By Camille Carboneau Roberts

Are you looking for ways to add revenue to your bottom line? This one is easy! The phone rings and it is a potential client asking about your resume service—you have a captive audience—a potential client. After discussing your resume service, why not educate them on the importance of sending an outstanding and convincing Thank You letter. The perfect time to think about the Thank You letter is before the interview. One of the most important, yet in my opinion, the most overlooked step in the job search process is the Thank You letter. A Thank You letter is one more revenue source you can add to your services.

I believe it is critical that the client goes to the interview thinking about points of interest in constructing an effective Thank You letter. Obviously, it should not distract from the interview, but if the client is coached before the interview in how and what to write down, the Thank You letter will be effective.

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