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    CDI's Free Expert Resources for Resume Writers and Career Coaches

    Did you know that there are a wealth of free expert resources for resume writers and career coaches in CDI that can help you up your game?

    When we created the free excerpt of our 2023 Resume Pricing Report last week it reminded me of how these free resources have helped career pros to succeed before they even became members!

    Here’s a success story shared from now-member Oluwafemi Adebayo:

    Before CDI, I tried and tested many membership resources and it didn’t turn out well.

    CDI’s free resource changed everything for me.

    From zero to six-figures didn’t come easy. I dedicated my time to study how the process worked and it did the magic.

    This triggered my decision to be a member of the community.”

    CDI’s free resources are provided from almost every category of our vault to give you a solid sense of the member experience:

    • Deep dive core lessons.
    • Video tutorials.
    • Recruiter voice articles.
    • Group business coaching/consulting.
    • Audio master classes.
    • Best practice tip sheets.
    • Pricing survey reports.
    • Business scripts.
    • Toolkits.
    • Video tip series.

    CDI’s free resources cover the core topics you’re seeking to enhance your skills and grow your business:

    You’ll find topics including: Resume Writing & Design, Document Development, Business Start-Up & Growth, Recruiter Advice, Resume Review Email Scripts, Book Publishing Advice, Executive Client Strategies, and more!

    Just some of the free expert career and business resources you can access include:

    • Excerpt – 2023 Resume Writing Pricing Survey Report
    • Tribe-Style Business Coaching & Connection Event (Video Coaching)
    • How Job Seekers Can Engage Recruiters Successfully with Cold Outreach (Recruiter Voice)
    • Step-by-Step Graphic Logos for TORI-Winning Resumes with Marie Plett (Video Tutorial)
    • Size Matters in Resume & Career Service Sales Consultations | Easy Process to Close More (Core Lesson)
    • Landing & Working with Executive Job Seekers (Best Practice Tip Sheet)
    • Creating Employment Reference Pages (Best Practice Tip Sheet)
    • Documents & Services Job Seekers Need You to Sell Them (Best Practice Tip Sheet)
    • How to Publish Your Book or E-book (Audio Masterclass)
    • Deeper Look Into Handling “My Resume Doesn’t Work” without Refunds (Core Lesson)
    • Free Master’s Video Course for Resume Writers & Career Coaches Who Want to Close 4-Figure Sales
    • Recruiters Speak About Listing COVID Vaccination Status on Your Resume (Recruiter Voice)
    • New COVID-Related Job Interview Questions Job Seekers Should Ask Employers
    • Recruiter Tips on Preparing Job Seekers for Virtual Job Interviews (Recruiter Voice)
    • Six-Figure Career Business Toolkit

    and more!

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