The Myth of Human Resources in the Hiring Process

By David Griswold

Many job seekers have been led to believe that Human Resources controls the keys to getting into a company and securing a position. That is understandable because Human Resources has said it is so. Therefore,andidates write resumes in HR formats, send them in and wait. Sometimes it works, usually it does not. Why? Allow me to present some startling information.

Human Resources causes more frustrations in the job market than recruiters, ads, and agencies combined. In my 26 years in assisting men and women to better jobs and more fulfilling careers, I have become convinced that the laws of HR do not work. Please do not misunderstand, HR is full of nice people with good intentions but ask yourself: How many of them have been Presidents or CEOs? How many have been in sales, finance, operations, or production? The answer is few to none. They come from the field of education and training. Again, they mean well but they do not know the business world. They have infiltrated the career consulting and outplacement industries and brought with them rules and mandates that have been passed down from generation to generation. The truth is these rules and mandates are outdated and will impede your job search instead of helping you.

Let us examine the rules for resume writing:

Human Resources has a set of “rules” that they subscribe to in writing resume.

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