Disaster / Storm Preparation for Your Business

By Nona Pratz

For most of you, June 1st through November 30th is not a particularly significant time of year. Perhaps it’s a slow time in which next year’s business plans are formulated or new marketing plans envisioned. But for members located along the Eastern and Gulf Coast regions, it’s hurricane season, a time when our lives are put in jeopardy, as anyone can attest who witnessed the mass destruction and tremendous loss of life from hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Viewing the pictures on even a big-screen television doesn’t begin to tell the story of what has happened to New Orleans – The Big Easy – and surrounding areas.

I’d like to share with you my Hurricane Preparedness Checklist. This list worked well for many years, but since “the big one” came along, I’ve made some revisions. Perhaps others can utilize it for similar emergency purposes.

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