Handling Salary Questions (Core Lesson)

Equipping your client with industry salary information before he interviews is extremely critical to his successfully negotiating his new salary without over- or under- pricing himself. If you do not do some strategic research and budgeting work with him (or teach him how to do it) prior to the interview process, he stands to greatly risk not only winning a great salary but the job itself.

We need to first consider when and how your client should talk about salary. He should never bring the topic up himself. Explain to him that he must understand that the topic of salary should be reserved until the employer is convinced that he is the candidate they wish to hire. Until that point, salary is nothing more than a screening tool to determine whether he wants too much or too little money. If the interviewer asks what kind of salary he is looking for, he will need to be prepared to strategically avoid committing himself to a concrete dollar amount.

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