Going Beyond the Resume

by Louise Kursmark, MRW, JCTC, CEIP, CCM

Remember the prediction that computers would create a paperless society? While this clearly hasn’t happened, it’s evident that computers have changed the way we work and communicate.

Similarly, the repeated threat that “the resume is dead” has not materialized, but resumes continue to evolve in new directions to meet the needs of an evolving workforce.


  • Previously a want ad in the newspaper might draw a few dozen responses. Today, an online posting attracts hundreds, perhaps thousands of resumes.
  • At one time a name-brand education and top- drawer MBA were enough to capture attention even up through senior executive levels. Now, more workers than ever have college educations, and MBAs are increasingly commonplace.
  • It used to be that workers joined a company and stayed till retirement. Lifelong career management was not the imperative it is today.
  •  A traditional paper resume was the only kind that was available. Now we have various electronic resumes, online portfolios, online job applications, and numerous other ways of making career information available to potential employers.

As resume professionals, we need to stay on top of evolving trends. And while the traditional resume is alive and well, in today’s competitive and active employment market it’s often appropriate to recommend and prepare additional documents that go beyond the resume to make an even stronger case for our clients.

Here are a few recent scenarios in which I have created documents other than (usually in addition to) a resume to help my clients succeed.

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