Informational Interviewing: Tap Hidden Job Market

By Annemarie Cross

As career specialists to ensure we enhance our clients’ preparation for their forthcoming job search campaigns we cannot afford to omit educating them about the hidden job market.

Informational interviewing can play a pivotal role in building your clients network to assist them in penetrating the hidden job market and uncovering unadvertised job prospects, but unfortunately is often a tool that is ignored in a job seeker’s career and job search campaign.

Informational interviewing is a ‘fact-finding exploration’ that will assist a job seeker in identifying an optimal place of work that is conducive to their skills, motivation and talent, thus positioning them for continued growth and fulfillment within their careers.

Benefits of Informational Interviewing:

It is important that your client does not to confuse informational interviewing with a job interview. They are not interviewing for a role, nor should they ever, under any circumstances, ask for a job.

By conducting an informational interview your client should:

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