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    The ultimate job seeker resource! Download your FREE 75-page copy of CDI’s Supercharge Your Job Search now.

    CDI members had a fantastic time creating this power-packed resource. First, it was a 9-month Twitter campaign where eight tips were shared per day with additional promotion added to drive job seekers to CDI’s member directory. Once that was completed, CDI’s Education committee worked to turn it into an amazing 75-page job search tool – Supercharge Your Job Search e-book.

    Packed with Top advice from 49 global experts (CDI members) including award-winning, certified career coaches and resume writers.

    Easily digestible ‘byte-sized’ strategies and resources you can immediately use to guide your successful job search!

    Learn from this yourself or share it with your client (in its entirety) as a free gift.

    Instantly download your free copy (no signup necessary)>>

    Topics include the most effective strategies to:

    • Focus Your Job Search
    • Target Organizations, Industries, & Individuals
    • Network to Find Jobs
    • Use Job Boards & Website Job Centers
    • Attend Career Fairs
    • Source with Recruiters & Employers
    • Find Temporary to Permanent Hiring
    • Benefit from Want Ads
    • Perform Company Walk-Ins


    This is the only download site where all the links are live.

    Instantly download your free copy (no signup necessary)>>

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