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    Why Established Resume Writers Need the Resume Business Roadmap™

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    Why Established Resume Writers Need the Resume Business Roadmap™ - Your Golden TicketI’m receiving emails asking me if established resume writers need the Resume Business Roadmap™. Your fellow resume writers want to know if it can truly make a difference to their businesses and/or if it’s worth it if they are already a member of CDI.

    The answer is Yes! Established resume writers need the Resume Business Roadmap™, even if they are already CDI members.

    I love questions like this because I know if a few people are writing me about it then many more are thinking it!

    While everyone is at a different place in their business, here is what I know from having been the private consultant and coach behind many of the industry’s 6-figure-plus mega-earners:

    They didn’t know what was actually holding them back in taking their resume writing businesses to the next level. 

    ​Whether they were making $20k, $45K or $250K when they began working with me, they all had foundational areas to improve that they weren’t even aware of being issues.

    Once the blinders were lifted we could apply the strategy that removed the roadblocks and let them really hit high-velocity.

    But what if you can’t or won’t work with me privately to grow and optimize your business?

    It’s definitely an investment that most get back in real client dollars after the very first session. But still, it takes that initial bite, which can feel huge at the time.

    You could sift through the CDI resources and piece it together. 

    But many of the pieces in the Roadmap are brand new and are the cement that binds the other foundational pieces together.

    Plus, for Roadmap when I have repurposed something from membership, I’ve combed through it to modernize it for today with all the new information and strategy I’ve gained since it was initially created.

    Further, I’ve included (and updated) pieces you couldn’t access unless you owned each of CDI’s coaching and business course programs.

    You could dig in deep with the Fly Higher Tribe group coaching program.

    My Tribers have direct access to me in a monthly coaching call and private forum BUT the key here is that Tribe is only as effective as the questions that are asked of me!

    If you are like 99% of the individuals I have personally advised over the past 20+ years, it’s as I said above — it’s what you don’t know to ask that is hurting your potential success the most.

    I designed Resume Business Roadmap™ to put established resume writers on a pathway for success without needing expensive 1-1 consulting with me to pinpoint your issues.

    The Roadmap is based on 30 years of responding to the needs of resume writers (and career coaches) worldwide. I’ve set it up to give you the tools that let you work less, earn more, make a bigger difference to those you serve, eliminate chargeback risk, cultivate raving fans and endless referrals, create a website and marketing strategy that builds a warm list and makes it easy to convert them, step out of trading hours for dollars, make money while you sleep, and even ensure your business has sales potential down the road.

    Because I’m not working with you 1-1 I can’t probe to determine where your hidden gaps are!

    But when you follow the Roadmap you know that you’re not missing a critical piece that probably doesn’t exist in what you cobbled together since you didn’t have a step-by-step system like Roadmap.

    There is NOTHING on the market like Resume Business Roadmap™ to ensure you are making it as easy as possible to be successful and profitable!

    While my established resume writing clients come to me with a variety of challenges or goals, each of them has at least ONE of these issues:

    1 – Can attract prospects and close them, but their rates are too low and they are working themselves to death. When they try to raise rates their close rate drops waaaaay off. It’s a vicious cycle AKA the hamster wheel. (Hint: Even people with 4-figure packages fall into this trap).

    2 – Might be selling somewhat of a package but they aren’t optimizing packages so job seekers don’t have best solutions and thus they have to work with a lot more clients and do a lot more work to make enough money. There just aren’t enough hours in a day or week to get ahead this way.

    3 – Leave it in the hands of the prospects to pick what they need without effectively educating them to make the best choice for a successful job search. Left with a yes or no option, their prospects either pick low dollar offerings (which hurt their results and the writer’s bottom line) or they go elsewhere.

    4 – Don’t get enough prospects and are forever trudging through hills and valleys in their business, which results in scrambling and stress.

    5 – Make mad bank by working themselves into the ground, but the pace is taking its toll and is not sustainable. Something has to give eventually and far too often it involves burning out and closing the business. (Learn from my mistake as someone who had 9 ghostwriters and up to 265 consultation requests a week as I did years ago before closing my practice).

    6 – See a lot of clients at any price point but they don’t get the level of referrals that should be generating to minimize their necessary marketing efforts.

    7 – Let prospects slip through their fingers because of an ineffective, seat-of-the-pants consultation process. It took time to get those prospects so it’s painful (and unnecessary) to lose them.

    8 – Don’t have a list (or don’t use it) of prospects that they are cultivating and converting into clients. This is such an easy strategy that most put on the back burner until it’s needed and then too late.

    9 – Unaware that there are things they could simply and painlessly tweak in their practice to make other challenges disappear….

    I could go on and on, but with Roadmap we can sweep any business-busting issue away from your established resume writing business forever.

    While there are a ton of possible issues, what it boils down to for most people is not having and using a system like Resume Business Roadmap™.

    Like many, you may have 20%  or even 60-80% of your business under control but the other piece isn’t and that’s what’s hurting you.

    It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do – if you can’t attract the right prospects, position packages to minimize your 1-1 hours for dollars trade, close sales at higher prices, and get a steady stream of referrals, you can’t usually fix any of the other problems that might exist.

    You also can’t make time for the goals and quality of life you desire and deserve!

    In fact, as I said in #9 above, optimizing this bedrock usually allows other pieces to fall into place. But again, this is just the cornerstone of the content. I’ve called it a Roadmap for a reason in terms of how it takes someone down a proven path.

    What I know is that Resume Business Roadmap™ works even for established resume writers!

    I’ve proven it works hundreds of times over with resume writers (and career coaches) worldwide.

    I look back over my clients who have worked with me 1-1 and this program homes in on the similar and yet different areas they didn’t even realize they were struggling in along with all the other milestones along the way.

    I’ve tried to encapsulate ALL my successful strategies in one place to position you to create an optimized, profitable business.

    >> I’ve seen people take my advice in businesses that were already making $250K and turn them into $800K businesses with a team.

    >> I’ve seen it take very part-time, stay-at-home moms from $20K to $60K (part-time).

    >> I’ve seen it turn 30-50% close rates into 90%+ close rates at triple the price where clients couldn’t wait to hand over their money.

    >> I’ve seen it FREE people from the jobs in their business they didn’t realize they no longer wanted to do or couldn’t maintain if they were going to gain life balance and/or grow.

    >> I’ve seen it buy lakefront homes and first homes.

    >> I’ve seen it give resume writers a two week vacation and even a summer off.

    When I look at what just one of my recent private clients has achieved, it makes me think, “What wouldn’t I pay to have this system?”

    As I mentioned above, working with me 1-1 usually pays for all six sessions from our very first engagement. My clients attain success when they follow the pieces of my Roadmap I identify them needing. They all have great successes, but this is simply the most recent having been reporting to me last Monday:

    In just 60 days this resume writer went from sales under $800 to closing sales over $3500 to land $11,000 and $20,000 sales weeks…..

    Even if we round down to $10K a week for 48 weeks a year, this is a gross of $480,000….

    I know it is possible because of the number of clients I have seen accomplish high-six-figure annual sales with my very first private client letting me know the practice was nearing $1M. (Now that one grew from one person to a contractor team, but it’s all possible).

    The point is, there’s got to be something to this Roadmap stuff!

    I charge $2697 for six sessions of 1-1 consulting, so getting to walk onto my Resume Business Roadmap™ and be in the private support group for just $497 seems like a golden ticket.

    Remember, it’s not what you know that’s likely holding you back; it’s all the often little things you had no idea you could change that are keeping you from reaching the success you deserve. (Even if that success is simply getting more of a personal life back from being hijacked by your business).

    So grab the Roadmap during the launch special if you’ve ever wished things could be different, easier, more profitable, or even just a little more fun.

    At $497, this could equate to just 16% of one sale you will make when you apply the one module my client above used, which would mean it changed your life dramatically for the better.

    This is a Black Friday/Cyber Week Special so it won’t last and then it looks like other CDI courses with a ticket price of $1997 and likely without some of the bonuses.

    Yes, established resume writers need the Resume Business Roadmap™, so let’s get on the roadmap today!

    Learn more about the Resume Business Roadmap™ now >>

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