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    Too many job seekers (at all career levels) focus their resume on peripheral elements, such as the companies they work for. Does that mean you shouldn’t highlight great things about your employer(s)? Not at all. It just means you don’t want to use excessive space to describe the organizations you’ve worked for.

    Remember: The primary purpose of your resume is to help you snag interviews that will lead to job offers. In other words, you want your resume to promote YOU, not the company.

    Promote Yourself First

    That might sound contradictory, because you do want to keep potential employers in mind when you create your professional resume. When all is said and done, your value to targeted employers remains of the highest importance. It must speak strongly to them.

    However, you need to make yourself stand out well without taking too much space for company descriptions. How do you achieve that?

    Keep Company “ID” Brief

    Select your words carefully. Highlight as concisely as possible the key importance of each employer.

    For example:

    Before: ABC Company is a world leader in the oil-and-gas industry. Its use of innovative technology to improve extraction and processing has enabled it to dominate its market space. Key products and services include….

    After: A world-leading company in the oil-and-gas industry, with innovative technology, products and services.

    Then dive into what you did at, and for, the company. That’s your primary focus.

    Add Your Value Message

    Using the previous example, your information might start out like this:

    “Recruited by XYZ president to reverse trend of decreased revenue in declining market. Immediately implemented series of initiatives that opened new segments of the market, resulting in a double-digit margin increase.”

    Continue with specific points showing the clear value you contributed in that role, such as:

    ♦ Reduced costs 15%-20% across all product lines by executing capital efficiency and value engineering initiatives.

    ♦ Forged strategic alliances with key players in related industries that established potential for $105+ million annual revenue growth.

    This approach gives due credit to your employers while still allowing you to make the strong first impression you need. Keep it in mind the next time you update your resume!

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