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CDI resume writer certification logo: Certified Graphic Resume Architect (CGRA)These individuals are recognized for their ability to write and design beyond a well-written and laid out resume to embrace graphic elements such as color, images, graphs, charts, and call out boxes to better draw the eye and highlight content.

In a time where images are king, this lets job seekers stand out from all the black and white resumes that just aren’t working as well as they used to.

To date there are only 14 recognized CGRAs in the world*. These talented professionals include, in alphabetical order thus not by any preference:

Bridget Batson – Houston Outplacement Resume Writing and Career Counseling

Skye Berry – Skye is the Limit Resume & Career Solutions

Paula Christensen – Strategic Career Coaches

Tiffany Cruz – Power Writers USA

Laura DeCarlo

Gayle Howard – Top Margin Career Marketing

Peter Lavelle – Rez Builder Resume and Job Service LLC

Scott Nichols – Advanced Career Services

Marie Plett – AspirationResumes.com

Kimberly Robb Baker – This Little Brand

Barbara Safani – Career Solvers

Deborah Schuster – The Lettersmith

Julie Walraven – Design Resumes

Carolyn Whitfield – Total Resumes

* Others claiming the CGRA may have forfeited their right to the credential due to not maintaining continuing education requirements. Or, they may simply be falsely claiming the credential. Do note that the list will change as new members earn the credential, so it is always a good idea to search again using CDI’s Find a Career Professional database.

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Hiring a resume writer: A resume writing certification is just one of the criteria you should consider when selecting the resume writer who is the best match for you. We recommend you take a few moments to learn more about selecting a company at CDI’s How to Select a Career Service Provider page.

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