Calming Angry Clients With Touch

By Nona Pratz

My household is one of the few in America that’s not hooked up to cable. Yep – no cable. Can you image that? So, when I see – I have to look quick, because you know who has remote “control” – or hear a preview of an upcoming show pertaining to human behavior or the psychology behind what makes us tick, it immediately grabs my attention. Perhaps, this desire to learn more on this topic is part of the reason I chose the careers industry; it sets off the curiosity button that’s in all of us. As career professionals, we deal with human behavior on a daily basis, from the “price shopper,” to the “I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up” dilemma of the 45-year-old.

I recall a program that aired several months ago that demonstrated various ways people reacted to their surroundings. The subjects were placed in various situations or environments, and the viewer observed the reactions of these individuals. One segment showed how something as simple as the color of a room or office can have an effect on a person’s attitude: blue, which is a cool, soothing color, seemed to make the subjects relax while in a room surrounded with walls this color; in contrast, red-colored walls brought out aggression or anger.

By far, the most interesting study performed in the program demonstrated how the human touch could change a person’s emotions or reactions within a particular situation.

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