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    How to Attract Job Seeker Prospects with Certifications and Credentials

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    How to Attract Job Seeker Prospects with Certifications and Credentials

    Certifications for resume writers and career coaches can be leveraged as verifiable accolades to help you stand out and attract job seekers in a sea of practitioners.

    But they also serve another crucial purpose that grows more critical with each passing day:

    Protecting your image in an unregulated industry where under-qualified individuals and even scammers proliferate.

    In an online world each of our voices matter and we can’t afford to leave prospect perception to chance!

    In this session we dug into:

    1. Why certification matters more today than ever before.
    2. Benefits of certification and credentialing.
    3. How to maximize credential ROI in your marketing.
    4. Important strategies for lending your voice to educate job seekers about scams.
    5. Certification options with CDI from beginner to advanced + a special, limited offer for members and non-members.

    From the replay, here are five (5) ways certifications can help you add ROI:

    How Certifications & Credentials Boost ROI I for Resume Writers & Career Coaches

    Also from the replay, here are eight (8) ways (abbreviated) to leverage your certifications:

    8 Ways to Leverage Certifications in Marketing

    Holding certifications and other verifiable accolades are part of a key strategy for standing out from underqualified competition and scammers, and allowing you to command top rates and be seen as an expert.

    Ready to attract job seekers with a new certification? Special, limited offer!

    Get Certified and Go Further(The majority of CDI courses, certifications, and programs are open to non-members, they just don’t receive our member discount, which is 25% on all certifications and most courses and programs. Signing up for a CDI program is the ONLY way to join when registration is closed.)

    Special offer: Both members and non-members can save 15% on certifications using code CERT15. 

    This special is good through Wednesday, 1/31/2024.

    It can be applied on: Master Career Director, Certified Advanced Resume Writer, Certified Master Resume Writer, Certified Executive Resume Master, Certified Graphic Resume Architect, Certified Resume Analyst, and Certified Resume Specialist (21 niche credential options).

    Visit our new Programs and Certifications page >>

    Replay & Next Livestream

    Next Wednesday, 1/31/2024 at 3:45 PM Eastern we’re going to be talking about the:

    Power-packed strategy of targeting niches as a secret to success that can work for you even if you don’t want to limit your options.

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