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    Career Pros Recommend Best Apps, Tools and Websites for Job Seekers

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    Career Pros Recommended Best Apps

    In a world where thousands of digital tools emerge daily, they have become the ultimate game-changers in the job search process. Do you find yourself wondering what the best apps, tools, and websites are for job seekers?

    With so many options available it can be challenging to determine which ones truly stand the test of time and yield maximum results. Curious to find out, the CDI Education Committee embarked on a journey to uncover the hidden gems that our pros use, ensuring that job seekers have the best resources at their fingertips. We asked our member resume writers and career coaches:

    What are your favorite apps, tools, and websites for job seekers, besides the ever-popular LinkedIn?

    Eleven leading industry career pros shared their favs here:

    Betsy Shephard Reed“To make giving your LinkedIn header a makeover, I recommend Canva.com. It’s a great, easy-to-use tool that can help give your profile added appeal in minutes.

    To explore options within job families or to learn more about what is involved in specific jobs, O*net (onetonline.org) is a valuable tool. It can help give a job seeker an idea of what different jobs entail, the required skills, knowledge, and education, and whether the role has a bright outlook within the job market.”

    – Betsy Shepard Reed, BSR Career Development

    Tammeca Riley

    “Frequently, I recommend the O*Net Interest Profiler assessment [mynextmove.org by the US Department of Labor] to clients who are unsure of what their next role looks like, need clarity regarding which of their skills are relevant in their next role, and what type of career paths align with their skills and interests. It’s free and provides critically needed insight and clarity for job seekers. For example, it provides respective career paths outlooks, educational and certification requirements, the technology used in the career paths, general job tasks and duties, and estimated salaries.”

    – Tammeca Riley, Infinite Potential Résumés

    Tim Cunninham

    “I recommend www.asktheheadhunter.com because there is a lot of unconventional yet practical advice for corporate professionals.”

    – Tim Cunningham, Fast & Focused Resume Service

    Cheryl Harland Muller

    “I recommend www.indeed.com to search for job opportunities. However, I do not recommend that you post your resume on the site because you will be inundated with jobs in which you have no interest in.”

    – Cheryl Harland Muller,Resumes by Design

    Angela Watts headshot“Job Search Journey (www.jobsearchjourney.com) is an excellent resource for job searching on a budget. They offer ATS-friendly resume templates, writing and networking guides developed by industry experts, and topical tutorials. Products range from $0 to $99, with most priced under $15.”

    – Angela Watts, MyPro Resumes & Recruiting

    Clair Levy“I recommend Resymatch.oi because it works like Jobscan.co but is free.”

    – Clair Levy, Precision Resumes Solutions


    “I like Indeed. It scrapes thousands of jobs from company career pages and top job boards, and some employers also post openings there directly. That said, there are a lot of good job opportunities there.”

    – Renzo Maurtua-Neumann, Area CV

    Darleen Ghirardi“I would recommend the job seeker section of Career Directors International. It is a goldmine of information for job seekers. Their job seeker facts and resources are priceless and align visitors with professionals that will support them in their search.”

    – Darleen GhirardiDarleen Ghirardi Executive Coaching and Consulting

    Gina Christiano

    “Create a spreadsheet of activities you enjoy doing and the companies associated with them, then directly visit the respective companies’ websites to look for open positions. Additionally, submit your resume and a cover letter expressing your enthusiasm for the product, your compatibility with the company, and how you can add value to the organization.”

    – Gina Christiano, GC Career Consulting

    Debbie Marshall headshot

    “I recommend Cultivated Culture/ResyMatch. It helps target a client’s resume for ATS, recruiters, and hiring managers. If a resume is missing several top keywords, which are skills or areas of experience a client doesn’t have, it’s likely not a good job fit. It keeps clients from going down the wrong path and getting rejected because they are going after the wrong jobs. The system also helps clients further fine-tune their resumes for jobs that are a good fit.”

    – Debbie Marshall, Thrive Consulting

    Laura DeCarlo“Don’t neglect sites like Salary.com to learn about salaries for your position and geographic location and Glassdoor.com to get the inside scoop from current and past employees on what it’s like to work for a company (plus salary information).”

    – Laura DeCarlo, President @ Career Directors International

    What This Means for You as a Job Seeker

    The online realm is a treasure trove of helpful apps, tools, and websites that can up your game. Traditional job markets intertwine seamlessly with hidden gems, offering endless possibilities to explore industries, connect and network with potential employers, showcase work, tailor resumes for specific job requirements, practice interviews, discover both published and hidden opportunities, and stand out from the crowd.

    Take the powerful next step to leverage these digital tools to unleash the full potential of the job search process as you navigate the path to professional success.

    Need help taking this important step?

    CDI is a global professional association of the industry’s top resume writers, career coaches and other career professionals. Our robust directory will let you search for the perfect practitioner to make your successful transition. Each of the participating professionals featured in this post can be reached via their links or by searching the directory.

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    Special thanks to Bridget Batson of Houston Outplacement for curating these tips.

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