9 Job Search Apps to Get Your Search into Hyperdrive


We all know that job search can be filled with endless tasks that can take hours out of your day, especially if you’ve got a million things going on in the first place or you’re on the go. If you don’t have the time or inclination to be strapped down to a computer all day, there are some great job search apps to automate the process and take your job search mobile.

I’m not suggesting that you conduct you entire job search from your smartphone, because certain aspects require much more detail, business professionalism, and networking than swipe, swipe, swiping can offer.

But if part of your job search strategy includes applying to job boards, each of these sites below has a mobile app version that allows you to track down jobs based on your requirements and preferences:

  • LinkedIn Job Search App

You may already be connected to your network on LinkedIn’s mobile app (Download: iOS or Android). But are you taking advantage of its proprietary job search app to search, sort, get notified, and apply for jobs directly with your LinkedIn profile? If not, the time is now.

LinkedIn Job Search Download: iOS or Android

  • Monster

Monster is the largest job board. You can upload your resume and cover letters (from your desktop or even from Dropbox if you’re on the move) and save all your applications.

Download: iOS or Android

  • CareerBuilder

Career Builder’s app differs from other job boards in that it sends you push notifications when employers look at your resume and profile, which means you can get your application out to them post-haste.

Download: iOS or Android

  • Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a job search site that allows you to read company reviews directly from current and former employees. Another nice thing is that it stores data on salary ranges—which is a big plus during salary negotiations—for specific positions and general ratings of different aspects of the company. That way, you might be able to assess the culture and get an idea on how the company operates.

Download: iOS or Android

  • JobAware

This is the highest-rated job search app for iOS.

It has an “Auto Fill” feature that automatically populates job application fields with your data and a “Paste Doc” feature to streamline the process of attaching your resume or cover letter onto the job application. Like Glass Door, it also gives salary information for specific companies and even provides links to other job search learning resources.

The app allows you to connect with your LinkedIn account, too. This is great, because when you find a job opening, you can check if you know anyone who works at that company.

Download: iOS

Want apps that consolidate jobs from these sites? Or directly from employer sites? Then the next ones are for you:

  • Zip Recruiter

This is a great tool when you’re on the go, because it streamlines the entire process by aggregating listings from 100+ job boards into one place, and then you can simply upload your resume to relevant jobs from wherever you happen to be. No chance of missing any openings. Or simply bookmark jobs using the mobile app, and apply later once you’re back at your home computer.

Download: iOS or Android 

  • Indeed

Indeed is the biggest and most full-featured job aggregator that wrangles up listings from around the world, including company career pages (much like what Simply Hired did, but that site is scheduled to shut down on June 26, 2016), and allows you to follow employers so that you never miss updates from your favorite companies.

Download: iOS or Android

  • LinkUp

LinkUp Job Search Engine pulls current, legitimate openings directly from company websites, too. With this app, you lower the risk of applying for scam job listings that have been known to pop up on open job boards. You can save jobs, revisit your search history, and receive job alerts.

Download: iOS or Android 

Don’t want to broadcast your job search to your boss and business connections? Take a look at this app:

  • Switch

If you don’t want to broadcast your job search to your boss and business connections, you can use this Tinder-esque anonymous app that allows you to “date” your way to your next job with a few SWIPES: RIGHT = positions you’re interested in and LEFT = not interested. You make a networking connection with a hiring manager if they find you an “attractive” job candidate, too. What better way than to connect with a hiring decision maker directly!

Download: iOS or Android 

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