What’s on your tombstone?

Envisioning now what is on your tombstone might seem ghoulish and negative, but if addressed as a future vision and goal setting exercise, it can be powerfully motivating!

So, imagine this:

Your a ghost err guest at your future funeral. What did those who love you and respect you put on your tombstone about you? Or perhaps take it a step further and consider, who chooses to attend and what do they have to say about you?

Do those present recount your many admirable accomplishments? How you went after your goals without fear and truly lived your dreams? Or, do they reflect sadly on what could have been?

Today you have the power to decide what will be on your tombstone and what will be said about you in the future. Create a sample tombstone, post it in a place you will see it regularly, and make it a visual reminder and first step in deciding to stop putting off going after your goals. It is never to late!












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