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    The Top 7 Ways to Showcase Your Brand on LinkedIn

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    Why do so many job seekers blend into the woodwork? The whole point of having a career brand is to stand out. By doing so you attract positive attention to your candidacy.

    It’s even more important to showcase your brand on Linked in considering these three statistics:

    • 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn as primary candidate sourcing tool.
    • 89% have already hired from LinkedIn.
    • 97% of HR and staffing professionals leverage LinkedIn in their recruiting.

    In other words, it is no longer enough to have a LinkedIn profile or network. What you really need is a LinkedIn brand. Here are the seven best ways to showcase your career brand on LinkedIn:

    • Your LinkedIn Summary: Your summary is the single-most viewed element of your profile by recruiters and hiring executives. It’s also where the majority of key words are drawn from by the LinkedIn search algorithm. Break your 2,000-word profile into categories depending on your career goals and brand:
    • Your LinkedIn Headline: Your headline brands you everywhere on LinkedIn, so it is vital real estate. Weave in elements such as more key words, your stellar results, your preferred geographic area(s), your credentials, and/or your experience. You’ll have to be creative to squeeze multiple elements into LinkedIn’s 120-character limit, but it can be done.
    • Your LinkedIn Title: Leverage this space for all it’s worth – use the broadest title that matches your career target and include relevant key words or credentials. You will have to keep it short, though, as you only have 40 characters (including words, spaces, and punctuation) to work with.

    Who | What | Where | How | Why

    About the Company | About Me

    Career Overview | Key Achievements

    What I Do | How I Do It

    • Your Networking Add-On: I do not recommend attaching your resume to your LinkedIn profile for two reasons. First, it is too much information too soon to include. Second, your resume can generate the most interviews when it’s tailored to a specific position; you cannot do this on LinkedIn. I suggest uploading a networking tool instead such as a networking resume, an executive bio, or a marketing brief. Choose one of these tools to present a big picture of your candidacy to influencers, contacts and recruiters.
    • Your LinkedIn Status Updates: From your LI home page, post 180-word status updates. Use this Twitter-like function to post a link to something you’ve written, share an article or blog post someone else has written, ask a question, express an opinion, or share an insight. By doing so, you will keep your candidacy front-of-mind with your network without bothering anyone specifically. You will also be potentially attracting the attention of recruiters and hiring executives.
    • Your LinkedIn Discussion Posts: From the home page of a LinkedIn Group you can start a discussion, ask a question, request a resource, or offer a link to an article, event, or blog post. Make sure you follow up on any discussions which you initiate or join. Like status updates, your discussion posts help attract recruiter and hiring executive attention while gently reminding your LinkedIn Groups of your candidacy.
    • Your LinkedIn Long-Form Posts: From your LinkedIn home page you can create a blog post of your own. Focus on a challenge faced in your industry or one of your Top 5 key word specialties with 350 to 600 words of text. Be sure to include a copyright-free photo to help draw attention to your post. Once again, this is a valuable way to showcase your candidacy among the entire LinkedIn membership. Keep in mind that posts are categorized and pinned to your profile so they are visible far and wide. Since <1% of LinkedIn’s 300 million members are writing long-form posts, you should get your fair share of visibility if you choose to write one or several.

    Improve your LinkedIn brand with one or more of these suggestions and watch your profile views increase while you reap the benefit of new career opportunities coming your way.

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