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    How a TORI Resume Award Can Make a Business Grow Almost Overnight

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    TORI - Winners Explained: How they grow your business almost overnightAs a professional resume writer, do you find yourself wondering just how CDI can state: “Winning or being nominated for a TORI resume writing award is the highest ROI way to grow your business almost overnight.” In this post I’ll show you exactly how that’s repeatedly been proven to be true!

    If you do wonder this, turns out you’re not alone. I received the following question from a resume writer:

    I’ve been reading a lot about the TORI awards and they look exciting! I’m curious how business would boom overnight by winning the award – is your name published somewhere? Everyone I know who is not in the resume business (my clients, for example) does not know what a TORI is and wouldn’t realize the significance, at least without explanation. I’m considering entering but I’m not sure I can make the connection between winning the award and “overnight” business growth.

    How Winning or Being Nominated for a TORI Resume Writing Award Can Grow Your Business Almost Overnight

    The Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) resume writing awards have been around for 21 consecutive years now. That has afforded us the chance to really make a name for the competition and our winners and nominees!

    >> You don’t have to know about the TORI awards to find the winners >>

    From efforts in SEO to social media marketing, CDI has worked extensively to position the TORI awards for visibility. The reality is that job seekers are consistently finding and hiring TORI-winning resume writers.

    TORI winner, Sharon Williams, is a perfect example of this and she even has a video testimonial on our TORI information page on why you must enter the TORIs. She has NEVER had to have a website because job seekers find her on the TORI winners page, view her work, see how many wins she has had, and use the contact information provided on the CDI page to reach out to her. She happily shares that she has built her business funnel off TORIs, the resulting referrals from happy clients, and the opportunities being a winner has gained her.

    If a job seeker wants an award winning resume, they will only find CDI’s TORI winners. A Google search for award winning resume brings up our page of winners as the first and only relevant listing.

    The winner’s page is CDI’s consistently most trafficked and clicked on page of the entire website.

    Job seekers keep coming back! Here’s a surprising experience of winner, Marie Plett. She writes:

    But let me tell you about the surprise type of customer that tends to contact me on a (roughly) quarterly basis. These are clients who have already worked with TORI-winning resume writers. Sometimes, they want to change out their existing writer for the new hot shot. Other times, they return to the website of their existing writer, see that they won a TORI Award in 2011, and then go look at the TORI Award page out of curiosity to find me, the newest winner. When they find out their writer hasn’t won an award since 2011, they call on someone who has.

    Every time you read a blog post or email about the TORIs, it’s also been shared to thousands of job seekers on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

    >> If you win, your name, contact info, and resume are out there to be seen >>

    We know our winners and nominees are the toast of the resume industry, so we make sure the world sees them. We truly strive to especially showcase our winners and make it easy for job seekers to connect with them.

    When you get nominated, we splash your name around with tags in a LinkedIn post and mention by name on Facebook and Instagram, mention by name in a blog post that is also sent by email to our list, listing with your company name on our winner’s page, and through a logo to use to promote your achievement.

    When you win, you get all the same accolades of a nominee, plus a clickable thumbnail of your winning resume and link to your full directory listing and contact information on our TORI winner page. Any job seeker who lands there from a search, post, or referral can instantly see your work and reach out to you with a few clicks.

    >> TORI winner success repeatedly shows it IS possible to grow almost overnight >>

    If you have not read the testimonials yet on our TORI information page, you will definitely want to do so. A verifiable best resume award builds trust and confidence with prospects like nothing else can! As I say in one of the TORI emails we send out, “How can all of these winners and nominees be wrong?”

    I personally believe so strongly in awards because one I attained prior to the TORIs let me easily close 4-figure sales and have a 6-figure business in the late 90s. I bombard you with promotional emails because I see every year how much benefit can is attained by winners and nominees, yet how very few people are willing to take the chance and enter!

    I remember having a conversation with Amy L. Adler after she had won and when I heard what she had to say, I asked her to please put it in writing. It truly summed up what I personally have experienced and what we hear all the time. Her “almost immediately” is as close to overnight as you can get! She wrote:

    The TORI was a game-changer for my business. Almost immediately, I had more engaged clients from the market that I am continually seeking to attract. In fact, many of my clients find *me* because they are seeking a resume writer whose expertise has been impartially validated. Also, I find that mentioning the TORI helps in marketing me effectively on my web site and when cold calls come in. Overall, the TORI has given me more visibility and more professional credibility than I had prior to the win.

    Barb Poole shared how literally 1/3 of her new business was coming in as the result of the TORIs:

    What ‘blew me away’ (about the TORIs) was the overwhelming feedback from prospective clients. I always ask in initial communications how others heard about me. I keep track. More than one third have indicated they contacted me after learning of my TORI wins. The links to find out my status varied, i.e. my own website, LinkedIn, Twitter, referrals, etc. But the message was clear; they indicated they ‘wanted the best’ and my awards cemented their trust in my capabilities to perform to this level. The TORI has been an ROI that is quite simply, phenomenal!

    Tiffany Hardy says:

    If they heard about me through the TORIs, in large part, they are already sold. They’ve scoured the list of winners and chosen me because they prefer my style.

    At the end of the day, CDI continues as we have for 21 consecutive years to make the TORI winners and nominees easy to find. Of course, it’s always in the nominee’s or winner’s corner to step up and showcase their achievements to ensure they gain the most ROI, but they are given a catapult along their way for a low, low investment ($25-40 per entry, depending on quantity).

    That seems like a win-win to me!

    What Can the TORIs Do For You?

    Just imagine what winning or being nominated in 2023 could do for your business!

    Remember, the new Classic Design categories truly give ALL resume writers the chance at a TORI!

    Truly all the nominees and winners just can’t be wrong!

    Right now there are just 13 days left to register. But once registered, you have until August 9th to purchase additional categories and submit your entries!

    You don’t want to miss this opportunity!

    Learn more, read/watch testimonials, and register >>

    View TORI winner page >>


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