Resume Writer Entered TORIs Once & Won – Are You Next? (28 Days)

Quite often it seems resume writers look at the TORI winners and get caught up on the folks who are sweeping awards and winning multiple categories.

But that’s NEVER always the case!

Consider Paula Christensen’s initial TORI experience in 2018: 

Initially I was too intimidated to enter the TORI competition. You see, I had studied the TORI winners since beginning my resume writing career in 2015. I didn’t feel I had what it took to compete with all the talented writers who I had been emulating for three years. I took the leap of faith, entered, and won third place in the New Graduate category.

Winning the TORI has expanded my clientele; many clients have told me the graphic elements of my TORI entry set me apart from other writers and prompted them to give me a call. Additionally, this award has helped me gain credibility when presenting to community groups on job search topics.

So much of our work as resume writers is advocating for our clients. We work hard to show evidence of how our clients stand out from the pack and differentiate from other candidates. Winning this award is just that for me; it’s proof that I am good at what I do – achievement supported by hard data.

Paula was one of several individuals who entered for the first time in 2018 and brought back a win!

I also think Paula’s experience points out one other critical element:

You do not have to have years of experience to win!

Remember, Paula had only been a resume writer for three (3) years when she attained her first win!

TORIBut you’ll never win if you don’t at least enter!

Plus, this year offers MORE opportunities with the Classic Design categories!

There are just 28 days left to register by 12 AM Friday, July 16, 2021. (Basically don’t go to bed Thursday night without registering).

(Remember, once you get registered you still have until Tues, August 3, 2021 to purchase more categories and submit).

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