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    Taking Your Job Search Global: Industries & Geographies

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    With the world economy recovering and the global job market expanding, you might be thinking about taking your own job search global.

    It’s a big leap, both for you and your family, and means changing your career path, reshuffling life plans, and relocating everyone.

    So, before embarking on your international career, here are some tips when it comes to zeroing in on viable sectors and countries:

    Industry Research

    For example, if your target is the European Union (EU), European universities are showing confidence that these industry sectors will experience the HIGHEST GROWTH there:

    • Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering
    • Water, Utilities, and Renewable Energy Supply
    • Retail
    • IT and Communications
    • Banking and Finance
    • Accountancy and Professional Services
    • Business Consultancy / Services

    And PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) identified, defined, and analyzed the following as EMERGING INDUSTRIES (with Forbes narrowing it down even further to Internet and eCommerce industries topping the list due to the explosive surge in mobile device usage):

    For a deep-dive search on INDUSTRY TRENDS, CHALLENGES, and OPPORTUNITIES, take a look at PwC’s Strategy& website. It’s a fount of information on 14 different industries it serves:

    • Aerospace & Defense (A&D)
    • Commercial Aviation
    • Commercial Transportation
    • Auto
    • Engineering & Construction
    • Industrial Manufacturing
    • Chemicals
    • Oil & Gas
    • Utilities
    • Entertainment & Media
    • Financial Services
    • Wealth Management
    • Technology
    • Retail & Consumer Products

    Geographic Research

    Glassdoor Jobs & Company trends is another great site where you can research hot trends by industry, and job title, and location.

    Don’t forget to take a look at where U.S. multinational companies in these sectors are investing their money internationally. For instance, if you’re in transport services, take a look at where in the world Uber just invested $250M to grow its global footprint and is looking to “hire aggressively.”

    Vis-à-vis geographic research, make sure you find out which countries are experiencing growth and which ones aren’t. One place to look is the website of The International Monetary Fund (IMF), which is an organization of 189 countries working together to promote high employment as just one of its many priorities. The IMFDirect blog, for example, reports Latin America and the Caribbean in particular, facing a sharp increase in the unemployment rate.

    You can even browse for more articles and information alphabetically by country on this IMF page.

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