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    Man changing his mood from bad to goodHopefully it never happens, but in every great resume writer’s career that call (or email) is going to come in:

    “The resume you wrote for me is not working.”



    Because they still trust you enough to reach out and ask for help. They did not process a charge back!

    You not only have a chance to turn this around, but also to make another sale!

    IMPORTANT PAUSE: At the beginning I said ‘every great resume writer’. If you know:

    • You aren’t a great resume writer;
    • You were having a crisis when you worked with this client and didn’t give your all;
    • You trusted a sub to get it right and didn’t fully review it;
    • You have a ‘will rewrite for free’ policy…

    Then that does change the game. You can use some of what I share below, but if you are saying you know your resumes can be improved upon with a ‘will rewrite for free’ or there is any doubt in your mind that the resume you put together wasn’t A#1 stellar, then you need to help this client out!

    So, back to our great resume.

    If the client catches you by phone, don’t worry. You don’t have the time to take a look now as you have a client appointment coming up. Take a deep breath and don’t get defensive or start saying it can’t be the resume. That’s just going to escalate the situation.

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