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    ALL NEW – Resume Writing Mastery Course

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    Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey to elevate your resume writing skills and achieve certification without stress or doubt?

    Meet Resume Mastery: The New Way Forward with Certified Advanced Resume Writer (CARW) credentialing.

    Resume Mastery II, The New Way Forward (Resume Writer Certification

    This course is designed to transform you into a confident, certified, and credible resume writer. (This is not a part two but a course updated so considerably that we had to make it 2.0.)

    With Resume Mastery, you can say goodbye to the anxiety of timed certification exams and the fear of “what if?” that so often comes with exams.

    This online training allows you to enhance your writing abilities at your own pace, all from the comfort of your home.

    It’s a flexible and convenient solution that seamlessly integrates with your work, family, and lifestyle commitments.

    And the best part? You’ll have award-winning resume writer, Gayle Howard, as your mentor, guiding you every step of the way—both online and in personal communications.

    Building upon the success of CDI’s former Resume Mastery course with Gayle, her all-new Resume Mastery has been crafted to be a turning point in your career.

    Resume Mastery comprises 8 comprehensive modules and 21 engaging lessons. Through online videos, practical assignments, and unwavering mentorship, you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the dynamic and ever-evolving field of resume writing.

    Eager to learn more?

    Take a sneak peek into the world of Resume Mastery: The New Way Forward by either watching this video or following along on the page below.

    Together, we can unlock your full potential, help you gain certification and credibility, and propel your career to new heights.

    Get ready to unlock the secrets that will take your resume writing skills to the next level!

    Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll discover:

    Secret #1

    Gayle will reveal a powerful technique to instantly captivate your clients and become their trusted partner in success. Learn how to create a personalized branding experience that will make your clients feel valued and truly understood from the very beginning.

    Secret #2

    Say goodbye to boring bullet points! Gayle will show you how to extract hidden gems from your clients, regardless of their background. Whether they’re entry-level or seasoned professionals, you’ll learn how to transform their achievements into impressive resume content that shines bright.

    Secret #3

    Throughout the course, you’ll receive continuous support and expert advice from Gayle. She’ll be there to guide you every step of the way. Engaging homework assignments will push you to excel and unleash your full potential.

    And, on top of that you’ll receive a pre-assessment session before the final certification assignment to fine-tune your skills, address any doubts, and boost your chances of earning your well-deserved CARW certification.

    Can you become a resume writing rockstar?
    We know you can!

    Let’s turn your dreams into reality, one step at a time.

    You may think your goals are far off, but in truth, they’re within reach. All it takes is time and commitment to make them a reality.

    Are you ready to seize your future and become a certified resume writer?

    Together we can make it happen.

    Resume Mastery: The New Way Forward is for you if you:

    Dream of being able to become a certified resume writer but struggle with fear of whether you can achieve it.

    Want to become a certified resume writer without having your success hinging on a timed exam.

    Secretly feel that your resume writing is not as accomplished as other writers you admire, but you just can’t seem to achieve their quality, no matter how hard you try.

    Get stuck for ideas and ways to write the kind of resumes that get loyal, repeat clients and referrals.

    Know you can do this but it would accelerate you greatly to be guided by an industry expert.

    You have the power to achieve all this and more.

    BUT FIRST… Why Should You Listen To Gayle?

    Because she’s been exactly where you are and…

    …She knows how you feel.

    Meet Gayle and Her Vision for You

    When I started in the resume writing industry, there was nowhere to learn or turn to for information. No training courses, few antiquated books on resume writing, and no demand for it.

    When I said I was a resume writer, friends and acquaintances said, “Oh, really? I write my own”. (Actually, some people still say that, but I digress). My home-based business had people coming to the door with hastily scribbled notes and while I knew what they had was not good enough for a resume, I didn’t even know what to ask them!

    Gayle Howard

    I tried EVERYTHING!

    I read books, talked to people, wrote to recruiters, and looked at competitors.

    But want to know what really happened?

    When I made my first sale of $12.50, it felt like a major accomplishment. Little did I know that this humble beginning would pave the way for what was to become a remarkable transformation.

    Back then, it took me two long months to secure that sale. I poured my heart and soul into creating a resume that would truly stand out, dedicating four hours of meticulous work from the client’s quarter page of notes. However, I faced a significant hurdle—outdated information in an industry that had yet to fully take off. (Something that can still be a huge problem today if you’re not dealing with CDI).

    IN THOSE DAYS, I supplemented rare resume writing projects with freelance typing and wished I hadn’t been quite so quick to quit my job! It was the best I could do!

    But then I made a decision, which was a game changer:

    I joined CDI and embarked on a relentless pursuit of knowledge, seeking out the latest trends and best practices in resume writing. I embraced the challenge of staying ahead in a rapidly evolving industry, constantly updating my skills and techniques.

    Through perseverance, determination, and a passion for excellence, I turned my initial setbacks into invaluable lessons.

    Armed with fresh insights and cutting-edge strategies, I soon found myself at the forefront of resume writing success, being published in books, becoming an author, and winning 56 nominations and 27 first prizes in the TORI awards for 31 total wins in resume competitions.

    I’ve also attained nine industry certifications, authored four resume writing books and courses, and had my work featured in 22 major international career books.

    All this ultimately led to my role as CDI’s Director of Resume Certification and Director of the TORI resume writing awards, along with running the industry’s foremost resume writing course through CDI, Resume Mastery.

    CDI’s founder, Laura DeCarlo, is a resume writing phenom in her own right, and when it came to creating industry-leading training for CDI, I’m proud she entrusted it to me and I’ve worked tirelessly to keep this training up-to-date.

    Which leads us to my mission now….


    I want you to achieve certification, credibility and knowledge WITHOUT the struggles I went through!

    So, let me ask YOU a question…

    Are you ready for the next chapter?

    Let me show you how Resume Master II: The New Forward can get you there.

    Course Overview

    • There are 8 total modules in the course.
    • Each module contains three lessons.
    • Lesson videos are 12 – 28 minutes long.
    • Videos contain personal guidance and instructions, filling in the gaps with extra information.
    • PDFs of slide content are downloadable for later review.
    Resume Writing Mastery Module 1 Screenshots

    Module 1: The Basics

    In Module 1, you will embark on a transformative journey to master the art of crafting compelling resumes that resonate with clients and captivate employers. This module encompasses three impactful lessons that lay the foundation for creating resumes that truly stand out. This transformative training will unlock the skills and techniques you need to create resumes that authentically represent your clients’ professional identities, leaving a lasting impression on employers.

    Click here to view lesson details

    Lesson 1: Question first, write later

    1. Questioning the jobseeker: why is it so important?
    2. How to ask the right questions: dive deeply to get results.
    3. Time-poor clients: when all you have is a job description.

    Lesson 2: Personal branding fundamentals

    1. Individuality and authenticity: how personal branding helps the resume.
    2. Incorporate your client’s brand: where and how to include branding elements.
    3. Reflecting your client’s tone and personality: identifying your client’s words and phrases.

    Lesson 3: Personal branding in design

    1. Stylebooks: elevate your standing by showing how you reflect your client’s preferences.
    2. Branding in color: create a mood book to guide your design and client’s preferences.
    3. Industry research: what is right for the client and their desired industry?
    4. Personality: how the client sees themselves and wants others to see them.

    Module 2: The Big Picture

    Module 2 includes three lessons of overriding importance in resume writing and design: resumes must be targeted, well-planned and designed, and engaging to the reader by relating the best of the client’s accomplishments and strengths. Following the discussion of these key points, the big-picture overview is expanded upon—detailing how to structure information for maximum impact, help readers understand the client’s key offerings and personality drivers, and why all resumes must have an achievement focus.

    Click here to view lesson details

    Lesson 1: What’s important overall

    1. Consistency in design: making it easy for readers to scan and review.
    2. Targeted resumes: align skills to desired roles—always.
    3. Personality and passion: leverage character traits to showcase achievements and key drivers.
    4. Reject duties and responsibilities: conduct a deep dive for accomplishments in any role or industry.

    Lesson 2: Planning the fundamentals: formula, structure, layout and tone

    1. Allocating space: allocating the right space to the current role and experience.
    2. Combining structure and strategy: positioning critical content, layout, inclusions, and exclusions.
    3. Writing concisely and editing ruthlessly: getting the message across with quantifiable outcomes.
    4. Communicating tone: identifying and using the client’s words and phrases for an authentic tone.
    5. Beginning with “wow”: front-loading achievement-focused bullet points for greater impact.
    6. Prioritizing information: identifying the “hero” of the story.
    7. Editing ruthlessly: removing fluff, duplication and information that doesn’t work.
    8. Maintaining character: identifying and using personality traits in achievements.

    Lesson 3: Writing fundamentals—influencing and shaping mindsets

    1. Resume speak: what is resume speak, and how to write it?
    2. Responsibilities and duties: advancing the story strategically by using these elements sparingly.
    3. Boring to brilliant: practical strategies for transforming job duties into impressive achievements.
    4. Weeding out what’s unimportant: dual roles, duplicated or side tasks, and lengthy lists.
    5. Looking forward: choosing the right data to match the next role.
    6. Down the rabbit hole: chase the story that sells.

    Module 3: Mastering Resume Writing Techniques

    Module 3 is a comprehensive guide to refining your resume writing skills. You’ll learn to position and present content effectively, craft compelling opening summaries, and strategically use keywords for ATS compatibility. By the end of this module, you’ll have honed your resume writing abilities, producing content that engages the reader through powerful writing that captures the client’s true value.

    Click here to view lesson details.

    Lesson 1: Writing: what works

    1. Reducing reader boredom: best content positioning and presentation methods.
    2. Best practice in role descriptions: setting the scene, bullet point construction, writing for time-poor readers, adding interest, and making writing predictable.

    Lesson 2: Writing the resume’s opening summary

    1. The opening summary: make it flow, give it rhythm and structure. 
    2. The summary’s elements: maintaining a flow using keywords, personality and authenticity.
    3. Selling not telling: sell the sizzle, not the steak!
    4. Putting it all together: summary examples and concepts.

    Lesson 3: Using keywords in a resume

    1. Learned skills are keywords: a resume’s best friend in ATS.
    2. Finding keywords: where to research keywords for your client’s occupation.
    3. Discussion: a standalone keyword section vs organic distribution throughout the resume. 4. Keywords in bullet points, summary and more: real-life examples for maximum impact.

    Module 4: Mastering Clients with Special Situations 

    Module 4 will help you craft exceptional resumes for clients facing special circumstances, such as career changers, clients with extended job histories and artistic backgrounds. Discover different resume styles, including functional and hybrid chronological formats, with practical examples for specific situations. In addition, learn strategies for addressing red flags and increasing interview potential for clients with challenging job histories. Real-life resume examples will guide you through each scenario. Lastly, explore methods to identify and showcase achievements for individuals in task-based occupations, from teachers to administrative and hospitality workers. By the end of this module, you’ll have the expertise to create compelling resumes that help clients with challenging circumstances stand out from the rest.

    Click here to view lesson details.

    Lesson 1: Strategic styles for special situations

    1. Clients with special situations: the stay-at-home parent, career changers, clients with multi-decade-roles, artistic clients, and those with numerous employers.
    2. Exploring different styles: functional and hybrid chronological—what works best?
    3. Examples: review examples of different styles for specific situations

    Lesson 2: Tricky situations: reducing red flags for amazing clients who struggle to get interviews

    1. The wrong Job: new role just started was a mistake; how to write about it?
    2. The consultant: clients with countless projects for dozens of companies.
    3. The job hopper: leverages one job to get to the next; multiple short-term roles with no longevity.
    4. The contented stayer: Joined a company early and stayed there for decades.
    5. Discussion: real-life resume examples for each tricky client.

    Lesson 3: Finding gold—methods for securing and selling achievements for task-based occupations

    1. Process workers: how achievements can be found.
    2. Teachers: writing achievements when operating within a set curriculum and daily structure.
    3. Administrative: repetitive roles day in, day out with little authority.
    4. Hospitality workers: understanding potential achievements for baristas, waiters and cleaners.

    Module 5: Military, Tech, Creative, Graduate and Executive Client Challenges

    This comprehensive module 5 will teach you the unique challenges of crafting resumes for clients, including career changers, military personnel, tech professionals, creative marketers, new graduates, and executives. Delve into questioning techniques, writing and structuring compelling resumes aided by discussions showcasing real-life resume examples that guide you through color combinations, formatting, and contemporary presentations. By the end of this module, you will have honed your resume writing skills to create impactful and tailored resumes for clients with challenging circumstances.

    Click here to view lesson details

    Lesson 1: Challenging career categories

    1. The career changer: swap out the career eulogy and find skills alignments.
    2. The military client: cut through education and experience ‘clutter’ for these great future employees.
    3. The technology client: expand the laser focus on tasks to a wider value proposition.
    4. Creative marketers: changing the mindset from an employer’s brand to the reality of recruitment.

    Lesson 2: Writing an amazing graduate resume

    1. Overcoming challenges: lack of experience, parent immersion, detachment, and high expectations.
    2. Structuring the graduate resume: internships, limited experience and what to focus on.
    3. Discussion: real-life graduate resume examples showcasing writing methods to get noticed.

    Lesson 3: Executives—don’t be scared, they’re fun!

    1. What’s the difference? Distinguishing an executive from a manager.
    2. Questioning executives: how to ask questions and what to ask.
    3. Charts, tables and graphics: Elegance and classic styles rule.
    4. Resume length: Engage readers through relevance, facts, context and tight writing.
    5. Fluff-free zone: Compel with facts and eliminate adjectives and adverbs. Understand word choices.
    6. Discussion: examples of real-life executive resumes showcasing color combinations, formatting, classic formats, and contemporary presentations. 

    Module 6: Formatting Resumes

    In module 6 you will learn the art of formatting resumes like a pro using Microsoft Word. Gain insights into design choices, font selections, and text formatting techniques to attract attention and create visually appealing resumes. Explore technical formatting tricks, discover how to incorporate eye-catching iconography, and use SmartArt for that extra wow factor while ensuring ATS compatibility. This module will allow you to showcase your clients’ accomplishments in attention-grabbing formats.

    Click here to view lesson details

    Lesson 1: Formatting like a pro

    1. Design choice: fully justified text or left justified? Pros, cons, examples, and recommendations.
    2. Font choices and sizes: modern fonts, font sizing and examples, serif vs sans, and recommendations.
    3. Text discussion: the subtle art of attracting attention—bolding, underlining, italics, capitalization.
    4. Presenting for pleasure: formatting ideas that work.
    5. Rights and wrongs: text formatting.
    6. Page borders: beautiful ideas and “how to” instructions for top-and -toe borders, full borders on page edge, classic indented borders and more.

    Lesson 2: Geeking out on tech: technical formatting in Microsoft Word

    1. Space bar begone: setting hard tabs to margins with step-by-step image and video instructions.
    2. Bullet points: changing shape and color for pops of “wow” with step-by-step images.
    3. Time is precious—so is space: claw back space when every word counts.
    4. Do’s and don’ts: Italics and underlining.

    Lesson 3: Strut your stuff with cool formatting

    1. Getting attention: step-by-step instructions for including iconography in resume designs
    2. The wow factor: draw the reader’s eye with SmartArt for special information.
    3. Heading and footers: page numbering and formats.

    Module 7: Reflect, Rethink and Revise

    In module 7, you will explore strategic approaches to present education and training effectively on resumes, considering the benefits of combined sections and making informed decisions about including or omitting dates based on client profiles. Dispelling common myths, you’ll also debunk outdated resume practices to embrace a modern and tailored approach. Gain valuable insights into transforming repetitive language and understanding ATS implications when using headers, footers, text boxes, and tables.

    Click here to view lesson details

    Lesson 1: Education and training—strategies

    1. Unleash education and training! When it counts, education becomes strategic.
    2. Discussion: dates or no dates? The over 40s client and new graduates—identifying need for dates.

    Lesson 2: Myths versus reality

    1. Outdated thinking: objectives, references, same format, the one-page mandate, excess headings, old fonts, education subjects.

    Lesson 3: Wrapping up—miscellaneous knowledge

    1. Word duplication: transform boring to brilliant.
    2. Headers and footers: a warning for ATS.
    3. Using text boxes and tables: ATS caution.
    4. Dates: emdashes and other formatting options.

    Module 8: The Exam Journey, From Preparation Through Submission

    Module 8 is designed to lead you to certification success, you’ll dive into the right mindset by reviewing course materials, assignments, and mentor advisories to ensure you’re fully prepared. Discover the key do’s and don’ts, empowering you to achieve the highest score on your final assignment. In Part 1 of the final exam, you’ll strategize, analyze, and craft compelling content. Discussions and instructions will guide you through the process, emphasizing the significance of proofreading and proper submission. Moving on to Part 2, you’ll adapt, pivot, and refine your work, creating a well-structured document following modern formatting standards. Remember the bonus tips for success, and let this module propel you forward.

    Click here to view lesson details

    Lesson 1: Embarking on certification

    1. Getting into the right mindset: review course PDFs, assignments and mentor advisories.
    2. Do’s and don’ts: how to get the highest score on your final assignment and what not to do!
    3. The final assignment: Part 1: assessment work pre-exam: strategy, analysis and writing.
    4. Discussion: part 1: what’s involved, what to do and how to do it.
    5. Part 1: instructions for what is required, the importance of proofreading, and how to submit. 
    6. Bonus tip: do’s and don’ts.

    Lesson 2: Part 2 of certification: ponder, learn, adapt, pivot, write and style

    1. Edit part 1 content: following pre-assessment.
    2. Moving on: produce remaining sections, and format the document to modern standards using learnings from this course.
    3. Proofread and follow submission instructions.
    4. Bonus tip: “do’s and don’ts”.

    Sound amazing?

    Here’s everything you receive on your Resume Mastery course training and certification journey:

    Course Guidebook

    Printable Workbook

    21 Training Videos and Corresponding Slide PDFs

    Lesson Challenge Homework and Feedback

    and Trial Run

    Certified Advanced
    Resume Writer (CARW) credentialing

    PLUS… Bonuses valued at $2,699.97.

    Bonus #1 – Printable Habit Tracker to Stay on Track

    ($19.99 value)

    Introducing the PDF Habit Tracker – your ultimate tool for staying committed and achieving your goals! This downloadable and printable habit tracker is designed to help you stay on track with your training. Simply fill in the habit you want to cultivate, set your goals, and mark each day as you complete the habit. It’s a visual representation of your commitment and progress that will inspire you to keep going.

    habit tracker for resume writing mastery course

    Bonus #2 – Printable Weekly Planner to Focus On What Matters Most

    ($9.99 value)

    Are you ready to kickstart your journey to certification and advance your career in just 13 minutes a day? With one module per week and homework assignments that can be completed in an hour or less, you’ll be amazed at how manageable and rewarding the process can be. In just 90 minutes a week for 7 weeks, you’ll be well on your way to achieving certification and propelling your career to new heights. Let’s make those 13 minutes count and pave the way to your career success!

    weekly planner screen shot

    Bonus #3 – Printable Learning Diary to Prioritize Action and Success

    ($29.99 value)

    The Learning Diary serves as your compass in your journey of becoming a proficient professional resume writer. It functions as a tool to envision your future growth, fostering a sense of clarity and self-assuredness in your path ahead. The diary prompts you to outline and reaffirm your primary objectives, guiding you to identify and prioritize three key goals for this training course. Additionally, it aids you in crafting actionable steps to pursue each goal, ensuring a focused and purposeful approach.

    learning diary for resume writing mastery course

    Bonus #4 – Private Mentoring with Gayle to Elevate your Resume Writing Journey

    ($2,640 value)

    Ready to take your resume writing to the next level? Then having Gayle as a partner on your journey is sure to help you up-level with ease.

    Gayle’s mentoring style is versatile and adaptable, ensuring effective communication tailored to your needs. Whether it’s through text or video, she will determine the best way to convey information and get the point across on a particular topic.

    Gayle Howard

    Sometimes, a video demonstration can be the most impactful way to guide you through a specific task, such as showing you how to navigate Word or master a particular technique. Through video you’ll be able to see, step-by-step, how things are done.

    Other times, a text-based approach is more suitable for raising discussions and exchanging thoughts. By communicating via email or messaging, we can engage in a thoughtful and in-depth conversation, exploring ideas, addressing questions, and providing valuable feedback.

    It’s Simple!

    And with this course and Gayle’s support, becoming a certified resume writer is achievable.

    Course Timeframe

    With the bonus planner you’ll be able to advance toward certification in just 13 minutes a day.

    If you dedicate 90 minutes per week to the course, you should be able to complete one module each week. Following this pace, you can expect to finish the entire course, including the final exam for certification, in approximately 8 weeks.

    You can, of course, choose to work faster or slower in your pursuit of resume writing mastery.

    Attaining CARW Certification

    Gayle will provide continuous support throughout the exam, offering valuable feedback and guidance to ensure your ultimate success.

    You’ll start by crafting essential resume components based on client notes for part one of the final assessment. Gayle will conduct a thorough review at this stage and offer expert advice to enhance elements and meet CARW certification criteria. Armed with this valuable input, you’ll then construct the rest of the client’s resume. By diligently following Gayle’s mentorship and advice, the finished resume becomes your path to certification success—whether achieved on the first attempt or with additional assistance. Rest assured, Gayle’s unwavering support will accompany you until the end, ensuring you confidently achieve your goals.

    So, let us ask you a question.
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    You can finally get the support, guidance and accountability you’ve need to become a skilled and confident certified resume writer, without the stress!

    Our vision for YOU:

    Imagine finding your unique voice, becoming a respected industry leader, and establishing yourself as a sought-after expert.

    Consider the satisfaction of having a steady stream of well-paying and loyal clients seeking your services, allowing you to thrive in your resume-writing business.

    That doesn’t have to be a dream!

    Learn how to write resumes and become certified without the stress with Resume Mastery: The New Way Forward.  

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    If I earn the CARW are their renewal requirements?

    The CARW Certification must be renewed every two (2) years by earning 30 industry-related continuing education units (CEUs). This can be completed through a variety of activities such as: employment-related book reviews, career-related community service, completing related coursework or study, publishing resumes, and/or authoring articles, blog posts, and related materials on resume writing.

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    Why is renewal necessary? Because the craft of resume writing is dynamic and is swiftly changing with the advances in computer technology and applicant tracking / scanning as well as emerging legal issues involving resume fraud. These are just a few concerns that make it necessary for professionals to demonstrate ongoing education and knowledge of modern resume writing techniques.

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