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    Your Powerful Resume Writing Storytelling and the TORI Awards

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    TORI awards - resume writing storytelling of everyday heroesYour Clients Are Heroes and You’re Using Powerful Resume Writing Storytelling to Showcase Their Value to Prospective Employers. When Entered in the TORIs, You Share Those Successes, Stand Out for Your Talents, and Help Others!

    We thank Marie Plett for creating this message to share with resume writers worldwide. I hope you will take a moment to read this and become inspired to share your hero stories of 2020-2021 in the TORI awards this year. Remember, the classic design categories make it easier than ever to enter this year!

    COVID has created a unique employment market, but in these times of hardship and uncertainty, it’s comforting to witness and share the positive acts and triumphs of everyday heroes.

    As resume writers, it is our great joy and honor to convey the stories of job seekers who overcome adversity, strengthen their communities, improve diversity and inclusion, champion social justice, and enable effective responses to the COVID-19 crisis.

    Perhaps these persevering 2020-2021 job seekers are motivating you to do your best work.

    Right now many CDI members are writing incredible resumes for:

    ► Medical administrators who expanded hospital capacity for COVID-19 patients.

    ► Downsized job seekers who need to find entirely different professions.

    ► Community activists who organized events and demonstrations that are driving meaningful change.

    ► Tech wizards who have virtualized businesses and schools within extremely tight time frames.

    ► Corporate social responsibility executives who have greatly increased charitable contributions, diversity, and inclusion.

    ► Managers, and even staff, forced to show their resiliency and ingenuity in responding to changes within their workplace and department; toward locating scarce raw materials, goods and services; toward thriving and maintaining profitability in an ever-shifting world.

    ► Front-line emergency medical technicians, nurses, and doctors who have saved lives while risking their own.

    It can be a difficult challenge to tell even the most amazing stories with compelling and cohesive narratives that resonate with potential employers.

    There are so many opportunities to excel in resume writing storytelling. Thankfully, you can learn best practices by reviewing samples from resume writers who are at the top of their game. One great way to learn how to best frame a complex or incredible work history is by reviewing TORI Award-winning resumes.

    CDI members can also access the massive library of resume writing training materials which include 16 video-based tutorials from award-winning resume writers.

    This year, CDI created new classic design categories that let you use powerful resume writing storytelling without the need for high-end graphic design.

    These new categories include:

    • Best Classic Difficult Transition resume
    • Best Classic High Tech resume
    • Best Classic Executive resume
    • Best Classic New Graduate resume

    Don’t worry if design is your thing as there are still standard TORI categories for each of these specialties. But we want to celebrate ALL that is resume writing, which the classic design categories give you the bandwidth to do! We’ve also retained the categories of:

    • Best Healthcare/Medical resume
    • Best Sales resume
    • Best Executive resume
    • Best High Tech resume
    • Best Difficult Transition resume
    • Best New Graduate resume

    After you bring your “A” game for your clients, please consider submitting your wonderful work for TORI Award consideration.

    Every day each of you is helping job seekers to re-envision their future, attain promotions, and get on or stay on track. You are the career superheroes that show job seekers there is hope in converting the challenges of their careers into a solid marketing profile and continuing to advance their careers.

    Just as important, your TORI wins will show other writers the techniques and strategies you employed to ensure success. After all, the TORI Awards are not just about bragging rights, prestige, or business growth opportunities. The winning resumes become invaluable tools that help us all grow as writers. Let your work be the catalyst for future resume writing excellence.

    There are still 34 days left to register for the TORI awards.

    Learn more about the TORIs now >>


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