Resume Writers: Do You Know the ROI of Scheduling a TORI Date Night?

Resume Writers: Schedule a TORI date night to win a resume writing award and grow your businessScheduling yourself a TORI date night will make sure you are in the game to win or be nominated for a resume writing award that has proven to help resume writers grow their businesses exponentially!

What the heck is a TORI date night?

I was talking with one of my private coaching clients about how to fit in the important stuff when your business is packed (or you’re being pulled in every direction thanks to COVID). That’s when I came up with the concept of the TORI date night!

So here’s the deal:

You’re busy. That’s not going to change.

You really WANT to enter because you SEE the ROI your colleagues have received from nominations and wins.

You KNOW there is more opportunity for you this year with the new Classic design categories.

But somehow time just slips away and you miss out again. (Miss out on changing your resume writing/career services business and making it even more awesome!)

Sometimes you just have to:

Make a date with the TORIs: Put it on the schedule wherever and however you can make it fit. This is one date you can’t miss!

Make it a late night or even an all-nighter: In the best dates you end up talking all night. The TORIs have the potential to be the BEST date you ever had if you win or get nominated!

Make this a night you’ll always remember: Romance those TORI entries into the winner’s or nominee’s circle! There’ll be plenty of time to sleep later!

Look, I know this is corny but I speak from personal experience. I have been there! I pulled all-nighters to get entries into the TORIs and into many a resume book when I was making my mark as a resume writer. Since my first award in the mid-90s with PARW, I have found there is nothing quite like a resume writing award to build trust with job seekers in both services and prices.

We’ve also worked hard to make CDI’s TORI awards top-of-mind in visibility to job seekers, which has allowed winners and nominees to rapidly grow their businesses exponentially!


There is still time for one or many dates with your TORIs to make this happen for you in 2021! All you need to do is:

#1 – Schedule Your Date

Your only power move necessary right now is to get at least one category registered now and block out at least an hour for that date.

Registration closes on July 16, 2021.

#2 – Schedule Longer Follow Up Dates

Once you have the lay of the land, you can add additional categories and schedule longer dates to get those TORI resumes in by the submission deadline of August 3, 2021.

Go to your calendar and schedule that TORI date night today!

Make 2021 your year to grow your business, authority, and visibility with a TORI nomination or win!

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