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    CDI Introduces New and Improved Resume Writer Certification Guide

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    CDI's New 2022 CARW Resume Writer Certification GuideCDI is Excited to introduce our all new Resume Writer CARW Certification Guide! It provides resume writers with the tools, knowledge, and resume samples to effectively prepare for resume writing certification.

    We’ve always been proud of the work that CDI’s Certification Committee puts into our CARW Study Guide for Certified Advanced Resume Writer (CARW) certification.

    We’ve had resume writers tell us that it is one of the most effective and comprehensive resources they have found in the process of attaining their resume writer certification.

    It was still time for an updatel!

    I won’t tell you how much time the Certification committee has in to revamping this guide, but I will tell you that this new PDF e-book includes 113 rich pages that will allow you to:

    DISCOVER how the Certification Committee reviews submissions.

    LEARN best-practice recommendations for USPs, Impact Statements and more!

    SEE top resume examples by Certification Committee members.

    Topics covered include:

    • The CARW certification process.
    • Resume formats.
    • USPs, accomplishments and CAR/SAR statements.
    • Writing style and dynamic language.
    • Getting to wow in your writing.
    • Summary section of the resume.
    • Keyword section of the resume.
    • Work experience section of the resume.
    • Describing accomplishments.
    • Lots of how-to MS Word screenshots!
    • Formatting and style guidelines. Margins, pagination, white space, hard tabs, lines, rules, and more.
    • Use of color in the resume.
    • Font selection. Widows and orphans, bolding, underlining.
    • Punctuation and grammar. Capitalization, commas, hyphens, signs, symbols, verb tense, and more.
    • Proofreading your resumes.
    • ATS/resume scannability.
    • Keywords.
    • Spam and word choice.
    • Chart of resume differences for 18 countries beyond the US.
    • Writing for the Australian market.
    • Writing for the Canadian market.
    • 20 CARW-approved sample resumes for all levels.
    • Four sample cover letters.

    Thanks to the CDI Certification Committee for making this Resume Writer guide possible!

    Without the Certification Chair, or the other resume writing leaders on the committee, this valuable guide could not exist. Please help me thank:

    Certification Chair: Gayle Howard – Top Margin Resumes Online, Melbourne, Australia
    Patricia Duckers – CareerPro Global, Inc., Edison, NJ
    Barb Poole – Hire Imaging, Maple Grove, MN
    Gillian “Jill” Kelly – Career Edge, Queensland, Australia
    Erin Kennedy – Professional Resume Services, Lapeer, MI
    Darlene Dassy – Dynamic Resume Solutions, Sinking Springs, PA
    Michelle Lopez – One2One Resumes, Western Australia
    Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter – CareerTrend, Gordonville, TX
    Dawn S. Bugni – The Write Solution, Atkinson, NC
    Carolyn Whitfield – Total Resumes, Tasmania, Australia
    Scott Nichols – Advanced Method Resumes & Career Services, Granite Bay, CA

    How to Get the Resume Certification Guide for $0 to $50

    If you are a current CDI member and have purchased the Certified Advanced Resume Writer (CARW) Step One or Certified Master Resume Writer (CMRW), the guide is available at no extra charge. These links should take you right to your program page or you can access it under My Courses on your Member Dashboard.

    The CARW guide + a review of one resume via the CDI Certification committee is available as part of the Certified Advanced Resume Writer Step One process at just $50 US. (Membership in CDI is required).

    Learn more and get started now >>

    Not Sure You Need to Earn a Resume Writer Certification?

    Check out this Q&A from the CARW page:

    What is resume writing certification and why do I need it?

    In most industries, buyers look for a standard of education or quality to help them know they are making the best buying decision. In the world of resume writing, CDI’s resume writing credentials are seen as the gold standard, making it the perfect place for an aspiring or established resume writer to become certified.

    When you become a certified professional resume writer with CDI by earning the CARW credential, you:

    • Stand out from the crowd with an “advanced” credential.
    • Receive a beautiful logo and e-certificate you can proudly display online and in your office.
    • Help prospects to trust in investing with you.
    • Build confidence in your own technical skills and ability to charge 3-4 figures for this service.
    • Position yourself with the credential most sought after by companies who hire resume subcontractors.
    • Align yourself with the only resume writing organization known to provide both state-of-the-art resources in resume writing as well as 6-figure business-building.

    Why else will job seekers care if I earn the CARW resume certification?

    Potential clients can be confident in hiring you with your CARW because they will know you are:

    • Ambitious in honing your craft and continuously maintaining contemporary knowledge of job-seeking trends and resume writing strategies.
    • An experienced resume writing strategist; a professional who employs sound and tested knowledge to help job seekers secure interviews.
    • Dedicated to professional development by attaining CEUs to maintain the credential.
    • A cut above your competitors because you were willing to leverage your strengths by showing you are confident of your talents and willing to have them scrutinized by industry leaders.

    Are there any other ways I’ll benefit by electing to pursue CARW certification?

    You will also receive:

    • CDI’s 113-page Resume Certification Guide (brand new for 2022), which walks you through the ins and outs of today’s marketing resume along with instructions for formatting and multiple resume samples.
    • Review of one resume to ensure you are ready for certification testing. (If you are not ready, you will receive extensive, valuable feedback to help you resubmit).
    • CDI’s 25 Things to Do With Your CARW Guide upon successful attainment of the credential. The guide is full of ready-made strategies for promoting and getting the most return on investment from your accomplishment.
    • Ability to pursue advanced credentials such as the Certified Executive Resume Master, Certified Master Resume Writer, and any of our niche industry credentials.
    • Access to CDI’s entire member library filled with all the tools you need to advance your skills, price and package your services, maximize your time, and create a 6-figure business.

    Learn more about the CARW and get the resume writer certification guide now >>

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