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    SEO Campaign Roadmap Overview (Video Masterclass)

    CDI SEO Campaign Roadmap Video MasterclassEffective search engine optimization (SEO) on your website doesn’t happen by accident. Instead, you need an effective roadmap to guide you to success. ​​

    In this session we explored the following 5-step SEO campaign roadmap:

    • Step 1: Establish a Technical SEO Baseline
      – Technical SEO site audits and the tools to do so.
      – Common technical SEO issues to look out for
      – Importance of page speed to ranking
      – Embracing the mobile site experience to avoid ranking penalty.
    • Step 2: Keyword Research
      – Critical elements of keyword searches and effective keyword selection to match user intent.
      – Eight types of keywords and phrases.
      – Keyword myths debunked.
    • Step 3: Content: “Backstage” and “Onstage”
      – Step-by-step through your page content.
      – Content promotion cycle.
    • Step 4: Linking Strategy
      – Role of backlinks in ranking.
    • Step 5: Performance Evaluation and Testing
      – Key performance indicators.
      – Types of tests.
    • Plus, a touch on the importance of social media to your website as well as an SEO Roadmap Glossary.

    (This is the second webinar in a series. It’s a very good idea to watch the first at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 101).

    Below you will find:

    • Full 90-min webinar video.
    • PDF presentation.
    • Special offer for CDI members (in presentation).
    • Announcement of the third live webinar topic and upcoming date.

    About Jim:

    Jim Cooper headshotCDI was first introduced to Jim Cooper in 2015 by the former COO of Ali Brown International, who was consulting with us. As Jim was SEO/SEM magic behind the 7-figure Ali Brown business coaching brand, it was easy for us to get excited. We’ve been lucky to do business with Jim, and refer several member career pros his way, ever since.

    Jim runs Embassy Desk SEO. As Station Chief he has been working in SEO since 2001, before “SEO” was a buzzword. Truly his love with tech goes back as far as 1997 with his graduate studies in technology and new media at California Institute of the Arts.

    He has worked across a variety of industries, including executive compensation consulting, nonprofit associations, higher education + university sites, enterprise-level eCommerce, high-end retail, career services, and much more. He is highly adept with B2B and B2C clients.

    Additionally, he has assembled a crack squad of operatives for Embassy Desk which includes world-class designers, vetted expert content creators, junior SEO/SEM specialists, data analysts, and web developers to assist companies in their missions.

    Jim says, “SEO is not a magic bullet and will not solve all of your problems. But with enough time + watering and nurturing, it can become the backbone of your company’s lead generation, with a terrific ROI.”

    Mark Your Calendars: 

    SEO Content Strategy & Review

    Guest Presenter: Jim Cooper of Embassy Desk SEO

    Attend Live: Wed, 6/01 at 12 PM Eastern on Zoom

    Cost: free to CDI members

    Recorded: Yes

    Registration: Yes, Link TBA

    Watch the Webinar + Get Resources

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