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    Recruiter Pet Peeves to Avoid When Resume Writing

    File of rejected resumesWhat may be a simple resume misstep by your client can be a major pet peeve to a recruiter, resulting in instant rejection.

    With recruiters reading through piles of resumes every day, it’s important that your clients are aware of common issues that can land their resume in the shredder!

    To ensure your clients’ resumes are shortlisted (rather than sent to the application abyss) the CDI Education Committee posed a question to recruiters from various industries to discover the answer to:

    What is your biggest pet peeve on resumes you receive?


    In this seventh Q&A Recruiter Voice column, we share answers from six recruiters on critical mistakes you and your clients should avoid in resume writing. While some of it is common sense, there are some great topics around:

    • Including company URLs in past employment positions.
    • Safeguarding a resume’s look when using color in the design.
    • How to use a fancier design without turning off a recruiter.
    • Understanding how much is too much regarding resume length.
    • Getting clear on what resume errors are tolerated.
    • Avoiding looking lazy in the resume. (None of you would do this!)
    • Why location data is a must to a recruiter.

    Special thanks to recruiters:

    • Cynthia McCutcheon | Managing Partner at Summit Search Group
    • Christian Kaijser | Managing Director at Career Evolutions
    • Claire Petrie, PHR, SHRM-CP | Talent Acquisition Manager at Remedy Intelligent Staffing
    • Lindsay Ireland | TorontoJobs.ca
    • Ron Beck | Director of Healthcare Leadership & IT Recruitment at Carecor Health Services Ltd.
    • Tina Nicolai | Resume Writers’ Ink

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