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    5 Reasons People Hire a Career Coach

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    Change is a great motivator. People are either contemplating a change on their own or one is being imposed upon them, either way something important is happening. In Hollywood they’re called agents, in sports they’re coaches, in academia – tutors. No matter the vocabulary, they all have the same job: to get their clients more: more bookings, more wins, or more money. When Rafael Nadal lobs one over the net that his opponent can’t return, he glances to the side where his coach sits to see his reaction. Bubba Watson earned the green jacket at the 2014 Masters in Augusta after perfecting his swing in practice sessions with his coach. Serena Williams watches videos of her losing matches with her coach, developing a better strategy for next time. No matter what we call them, coaches hold important places in the winner’s circle. And the most valuable thing they give their clients is perspective. Here are five reasons why hiring a coach might be the winning advantage you’re looking for:

    C – Collaboration. Someone to talk things over with who knows the workplace and how to navigate the maze of performance, promotions, and politics while sharing business insights about industry trends and economic indicators.

    O – Options. Change presents many and having a “guide” to talk through each of the possibilities helps narrow the field of choices. What should I be thinking about? What am I not seeing? Discussing the pros and cons makes choices clearer, sometimes even obvious.

    A – Alternatives. A powerful part of the coaching process and not the same as options. It’s the if/then part of decision making. What if scenarios: what happens if I take this job, what if I don’t? Coaches help make change familiar and less daunting.

    C – Critical thinking. Opportunity is always present when change occurs. Coaches are trained to ask clarifying questions. They know how to focus their clients whether transitioning to another job or industry, preparing for a promotion or even climbing down the corporate ladder. Am I seeing all there is? Is now the right time? What if I exit too soon? What’s my Plan B?

    H –Honesty. Hiring a coach is an investment that can pay huge dividends for your career. Working with a credentialed coach, someone who’s trained to listen for what’s said and what’s not being said can be just what’s needed the next time you’re negotiating a job offer. Knowing your value and how to ask for what you’re worth is a learned skill and one that you will rely on for the rest of your working life. The ball’s in your court.

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