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Are You Ready to be a Money Magnet?

Money MagnetThere are a million different reasons you may have initially gone into business for yourself, but at the end of the day most of us aren’t gifted with a trust fund that lets us carry on indefinitely as if this were some type of unfunded hobby or labor of love! No doubt you are following LOTS of great advice to get living wage rates from your business, such as:

  • Raise your prices to look expensive…
  • Just do it and don’t look back…
  • Act as if and it will come…
  • Just keep plugging as it takes time to get comfortable…

Does all this kind of make you think of so many gimmick diets?

It works for a while and you even get some awesome momentum and business success. But, you are still faced with uncertainty, butterflies in the tummy, and exhaustion over the next price quote-turndown cycle.

Any surprise that you feel dread around the whole money topic? In fact, for some this money dread leads them right back to giving up their freedom in the 9 to 5 rat race.

You absolutely do need to learn all of the core skills that should make your business successful.

However, each of us faces unique challenges of which we are completely unaware – a total blindness if you will – that acts as a barrier to your ability to get the wages you deserve for your services. It’s called your belief system.

If you want to identify and blast through your barriers to financial success, then you must join Laura DeCarlo, CDI’s Present in her Entrepreneurial Success Secrets Live session:

You are a Money Magnet: Using IP and MBM Techniques to Skyrocket to Profit


This isn’t woo-woo stuff. You could have any number of business consultants give you sterling advice on every aspect of your business. But would that advice cure you of the money dread?

Ask yourself, “How many times have I seen this pattern in my life or business and not understood it?” If you are like most of us, it keeps popping up again and again.

What if a certain message you received many years ago is framing all your actions and choices, and limiting all your successes today? How powerful would it be if you were able to uncover the old limiting beliefs and replace them with a new power statement, and action steps for reframing? There would be no stopping you!

This is what I have seen working with entrepreneurs to create breakthroughs that once and for all smash through those barriers.

Here’s what you will walk away with when you engage in this fabulous process:

  • Breakthrough barriers regarding your money comfort and ease in accepting it into your business and life.
  • Solid methodology that you can apply to any thoughts and beliefs that come up.
  • Clearer understanding of beliefs and how you can reverse them to be active resonators of positive momentum in your life.
  • New peace of mind regarding the future of your business.

If you are ready to up your money magnet Q, then join Laura at CDI’s Entrepreneurial Success Secrets Live this October!

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