Go Rogue with LinkedIn Portfolio Creation

LinkenIn Smart PhoneIf you create LinkedIn profiles as part of your revenue stream/services, then it’s time you started capitalizing on the new and powerful strategy of creating LinkedIn portfolios!

Deb Dib, Master Personal Branding Coach and self-described Next-gen career-comm writer, will be deep-diving into this topic in her Entrepreneurial Success Secrets Live session:

(Next-Gen LinkedIn): The Profile Goes Rogue: Take LinkedIn from Quasi-Resume to Brilliantly-Branded Portfolio!


Here’s what to expect from Deb’s session:

Let’s talk differentiation and innovation. Let’s talk SEO. Let’s talk digital handshake. Let’s talk LinkedIn!

As career professionals, we all know that LinkedIn has become a “Gotta be there” Google-like imperative for our clients (and for us, too!). To paraphrase a famous phrase: If you’re not on LinkedIn, do you exist?

As career professionals we know how to position clients to best effect on LinkedIn. That’s what we do. That’s what we’re great at doing.

But, do we know how to position LinkedIn to best effect?

Join me to push the envelope and explore NextGen LinkedIn: LinkedIn as portfolio!

You’ll learn:

  • How to take LinkedIn beyond a resume, to a one-stop CareerComm portfolio.
  • How to “Narrate, Educate, and Fascinate” your way to a magnetic summary.
  • How to leverage brief, powerful content for the bottom-line-it-for-me folks.
  • How to parallel it with big, powerful content for the tell-me-more/SEO-folks.
  • How to transform 2,000 characters into 4,000 to 6,000 character mega-magnetism opportunities.

You’ll leave knowing how to use every allowable character and space to create a profile that presents substantial SEO, while delivering a great read, and creating a powerful digital handshake.

If you’re ready to push the LinkedIn envelope, then join Deb in Orlando for Entrepreneurial Success Secrets Live!

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