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    Quit the Hustle Culture for Career Industry Success

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    How CDI membership helps these resume writers & career coaches avoid a case of the MondaysIs your Monday filled with passion, excitement, and energy for the week or is the hustle culture pulling you down?

    Today I can say YES!

    But the last few months?

    Yeah, not so much.

    I’m not going to start your week out with all the overwhelm and negativity we’re all being bombarded with in the world right now – you can fill in those blanks without me adding to it!

    I can say I’d personally started to fall into that place of being disillusioned by social media, feeling isolated, and living for the weekend.


    In fact my mission for CDI has always been to give resume writers and career coaches the superhero in their day-to-day lives!

    It’s so important to recognize AND embrace that you deserve the same success and the same rewards as your job-seeking clients.

    So how can we find that in today’s hustle culture without being pulled in so many directions at once?

    You can't pour from an empty cup - take care of yourself firstFor a while I’ve been watching and listening, muttering to myself, and actively seeking to refill my own cup.

    Because I can admit that today it’s easy to get depleted, even when you are doing the very thing you love.

    We’re all reaching our tolerance for trying to stay positive, motivated, and not burned out these days.

    And the fear so many are pushing has just got to go!


    It’s rapidly become clear to me, that we:


    Crave more REAL connections in our professional lives that can be hard to find and establish online.


    NEED an easy way to cut through the noise and get access to what works without having to waste precious time and energy on what doesn’t first.

    Which is why I’m focused on taking the CDI member experience to a new level.

    I want you to have a chance to get in on our mission to SIMPLIFY + CONNECT + ACHIEVE.

    We’re taking steps to say bye-bye to the hustle culture and take back why we all do what we do – to make a difference and live a life on our own terms!

    CHANGE IS AFOOT at CDI and it is going to be FUN and RESULTS-FILLED!

    Highlights of new upcoming offerings include:

    Business Acceleration & Accountability

    Participate in a fast-paced, 60-min accountability and acceleration event where you’ll celebrate wins, identify goals, and establish clear action steps to move forward. You’ll also connect with your colleagues and leave with a sense of purpose, motivation, accountability, and goal alignment.

    Member Orientation

    In this interactive hour, CDI President Laura DeCarlo will guide you through the resources and opportunities available to you as a CDI and/or Fly Higher Tribe member so you can rapidly and easily put your hands on the tools to accelerate your success. You’ll also have the opportunity to make a deep connection with at least one fellow colleague.

    New Monthly Member Networking Lunch (Breakfast? Dinner? Snack?)

    With members all over the world, it might not be lunch for you but it’s still time to connect, reflect, and aspire. The goal? Small, safe interactions of 2-3 members where you will (1) learn to ask better success questions for client engagements and (2) your own growth by first answering them yourselves. You’ll also leave with (3) new friendships and connections.

    This new monthly offering is the chance to have fun, lower stress, slow down, nourish your soul, strengthen your coach muscle (even if only for your own self-growth), build new relationships, create accountability, and achieve greater success overall.

    And there’s much more to roll out along with regularly scheduled benefits like our member-favorite pass-along white branded resources and 4-figure consultations closing script!

    Enjoy your day - all work and no play makes us dullWe’ve all heard that all work and no play makes us dull.

    I’m here to tell you that work should be play.

    Work should nourish your soul.

    Work should be fun.

    It’s NOT ENOUGH to think if you do what you love that you’ll love what you do!

    CDI is defining an oasis where you can nourish your skills and your soul. We all need it right now more than ever!

    I hope you’ll join all of us as we navigate how to get off the hustle, engage more deeply (without having to leave your Zoom screen), and flourish with success even is these uncertain times!


    Say goodbye to the hustle culture and hello to success with CDI!

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