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    Resume Writers: One TORI Category Gets You In the Game for 2022If you’re always looking for ways to grow your resume business, but you rarely have the time, here’s a winning strategy:  Purchase one category entry into the TORI resume awards today.

    Hang with me for the ROI behind this super low-cost purchase, as it’s incredibly sound!

    The Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) awards, is the longest-running professional resume writing competition worldwide.

    But more importantly, it has been referred to by award nominees and winners as:

    The lowest cost and highest ROI way to grow your business, seemingly overnight.

    Sharon Williams said:

    70% of my business comes from CDI and people seeing my TORI-winning resumes. 

    Amy Adler said:

    The TORI was a game-changer for my business. Almost immediately, I had more engaged clients from the market that I am continually seeking to attract.

    Gayle Howard said:

    I honestly believe winning a TORI award has been instrumental in catapulting my business to the next level.

    But even getting nominated can create a HUGE boost in your business!

    Melissa Kelly said:

    So I’ve had a really good problem. Just being nominated last year doubled my business on average. I’ve had to revamp my production and project management processes and am looking to bring on a subcontractor.

    So if you could possibly get that level of traction with a $40 investment, what’s stopping you?

    First, know that when you are a CDI member (necessary to enter) you receive access to 18+ resume writing video tutorials from current and former TORI winners.

    We had two first-time winners tell us that those trainings were what helped catapult them to success. There is even a tutorial on making graphic resumes ATS-friendly!

    Second, there are almost more chances to be nominated then there are registrants.

    You might be surprised to know that with a crowded market of professional resume writers worldwide, we’ve never seen more than 70 people enter in a year! (Of course, some enter multiple categories).

    Now think on that… there are 10 categories, each with five chances to be nominated and three changes to win. That means that if you were to actually enter every category you would have 50 chances at nomination, and 30 chances at winning.

    It boggles the mind that this low-hanging fruit is right there and many don’t even reach out to try to grab it!

    Third, we’ve again made the competition friendly for all professional resume writers by offering classic categories.

    That’s right! Again for 2022 there are both graphic-heavy and classic design options for the most popular categories. You don’t have to do fancy design resumes to be recognized with a TORI award.

    TORIThat’s why I am writing this post today — because I am hoping to change the trajectory and give you some strategy around registering for one TORI category today!

    Especially since registration closes on Friday, 7/22 – just 7 days away!

    The Future Lies in Your Hands & You Can Begin to Change it Today!

    Why struggle and invest thousands of dollars in marketing, yet never get the results one $40 TORI registration might attain?

    Not everyone can win on their first try, but any professional resume writer can ultimately become a TORI nominee or winner!

    That’s worth it’s weight in gold to your business and your work-life balance.

    But it doesn’t happen until you at least put yourself out there and try.

    I’m urging you to make 2022 your year! There couldn’t be a better time with the Classic categories and the extension!

    Purchase at least one category today and get this process started! 

    You’ll then be locked in knowing you have until August 10th to purchase and submit more categories. (All initial registration closes on July 22nd).

    Learn more and register now >>


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