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Web Portfolios: New Tool Trumps Resume

By Elyse Årring

Placement Specialists at Stewart, Cooper & Coon no longer send out their clients’ resumes to prospective companies. Surprised?

Here’s why: not only are more companies blocking email attachments, making it harder to get a resume in front of decision makers, but Stewart, Cooper & Coon has developed an even better tool that trumps the resume. The web-based portfolio (aka “webfolio”) gives those busy, harried decision makers the opportunity to view a quick snapshot of a candidate, and then dig deeper once they’re intrigued and impressed by what they see. And its URL fits on one line of an email; no more worrying about attaching documents that might not make it through.

When prompted to talk about the webfolio as a job search campaign tool, Stewart, Cooper & Coon’s Director of Client Placement Services, Carl Erikson, gets very animated and talks excitedly about what he calls the “WOW Factor.”

“Everyone has a resume,” he says, “And they’re all more or less the same.”

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