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    Master the Secrets to a Successful Business – Join CDI Live

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    Woman Celebrating at DeskWant to MASTER the secrets to a successful, rewarding, and profitable resume writing and career coaching business? 

    Sick of waiting and ready to see your business take off?


    Is your business more of a hobby that you never quite get off the ground?

    Are you just starting out and not sure which way to go to get started?

    Are you looking out the window at the blue sky wondering when you are going to get a free moment? You’ve been doing this a long time but never get a break and never get ahead!

    Are you at the top of your game but sure there could be more for you?

    Then you NEED to be at Entrepreneurial Success Secrets Live for resume and career pros.


    Let’s face it, there are seasons in every business where it’s time to get direction, get empowerment, get new ideas, or even get shook up a little.

    It can be scary to go out on a limb for your business. You are probably asking yourself:

    1. Can I afford to take days off to go to this event?
    2. Can I afford the expenses of this event?
    3. Is this event really going to change my business?


    You are never going to get much farther than where you are today if you don’t do something different.

    Insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results…. even if you do them really spectacularly and a million times over!

    CDI’s Entrepreneurial Success Secrets Live is built to connect you with the powerhouse tools, strategies, resources, and colleagues you need in order to take a big leap with your business.

    After four days you will leave feeling excited, empowered, educated, and ready to take your business to the next level.


    Quantum Growth Opportunities:

    Our sessions have hands-on components. They are also honed to make sure you have a key actionable takeaway for your business.

    #1 – Insight into new services to expand your business and profits. Be seen as savvy, up-to-date, and offering the high-end services your clients need today:

    • Expand your social services by learning how to created ‘Brilliantly-Branded’ LinkedIn Portfolios vs. tradition profiles.
    • Learn about the where, when, and how to employ infographic resumes.
    • Gain, and immediately apply, strategies to edit your writing ruthlessly while appealing to Next-Gen CareerComm needs.
    • Take your client social profiles to digital gold with easy personal branding strategies that help them stand out and make you their star.
    • Get the inside scoop on working effectively and profitably with executives.

    Just think how quickly you can cover the costs of your attendance with a few new services each month!

    #2 – Access to readily applicable business boosts. Get ready to cash in with greater productivity, performance, and profits. Stop what’s holding you back, take the leap, and SOAR!

    • Capture 10 ways to make your website a sales machine (the #1 thing we hear our members struggling with).
    • Understand how working with a Virtual Assistant can make your business several hundred times more productive and profitable.
    • Tackle the next phase of your success with a 5-step process you can walk away with and a support group of colleagues who are in the boat with you.
    • Develop a juicy introduction for yourself/your business – Yes, you should be able to walk away with it completed!
    • Gain the social media knowledge to bust out of invisibility and strut your stuff where your prospects are living online.

    Picture what just one of these changes could do for your business!

    #3 – Power networking and connections. Sometimes the big business builders happen where you least expect them.

    • Take part in fun and empowering networking events to meet the people who could change your life and your business as partners and friends (Come as Your Future Self Party, networking games event, ice breaker, and reception).
    • Lunch (and Learn) with the presenters to gain a deeper insight into a topic you need. This costs you several hundred more at other events but CDI includes it!
    • Collaborate with a small team to build your juicy marketing intro. (You’ll get to know your group more intimately).

    Imaging connecting with someone who becomes your partner on a project, or a great referral source. Just think of all the ideas you will swap in networking.

    #4 – Break through barriers you didn’t even know were holding you back. This is where most people never focus but this is where the biggest wins are waiting for you.

    • Crush a limiting belief that is keeping your business from attaining success. (Plus, you’ll gain a tool you can use over and over).
    • Access tools for slowing down and connecting to yourself, your business and why you are doing this in the first place.
    • Participate in morning sessions that get you thinking differently and more proactively about infinite possibilities in your life.

    Entrepreneurial Success Secrets Live is not just a conference. It is process-oriented and deserves total immersion in the experience.

    Join us and it will change the game for you.

    Start playing at the level you deserve!


    Two easy ways to pay, with single-pay or the 5-pay plan!

    When you pay in full you can save $100 off registration.

    However, don’t wait because this early bird discount ends on April 30, 2015!

    Make the leap – REGISTER NOW!

    There is NEVER going to be a better time for you to build the business you want. Stop wanting, waiting, struggling, and stressing – get on board now.

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