Making Lemonade Out of Lemons With the Press

By Susan Geary – 1st Rate Resumes

I recently had an experience that I decided to share with the media, knowing they may be interested. It had nothing to do with my business as a résumé writer. However, it allowed me to establish another relationship with a television news reporter.

I am currently in the middle of purchasing a new home. Our scheduled date to close on the property was set for early December. As the date closed in, my lender advised me at the last minute that my loan documents were “stuck in underwriting” due to the enormous volume of business generated by low interest rates. The week of Thanksgiving, when rates began to inch back up, there was a mad rush to re-finance homes all over the country. It became a case of “too much business, and not enough help”. My loan docs were stuck in the fray. The sellers were waiting for my funding, so they could close on their new home. I also had someone waiting to move into my rental property.

Here I was living out of boxes and trying to maintain a home-based business. I had already given notice to move out of a rental property, hired a mover, and forwarded my mail. The day before our closing date, I found out there would be a delay, but didn’t know how long. I felt like one of those displaced passengers on September 11th who were forced to land at the nearest airport. I soon realized that this came with no warning from the media, because they weren’t aware there was even a problem. Up until this point, they had only been reporting that mortgage companies were busy, but hadn’t stated the trickle down effects it had on those hoping to move into their new homes before Christmas. I picked up the phone and called my local television station. Here’s an excerpt of our phone conversation:

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Susan Geary has been a radio air personality in Phoenix, Denver and San Diego for 17 years, and a television network news producer and manager for 5 years.

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