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    Tips for Landing Your Ideal Job – Part 3

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    During the last 2 months, I outlined 7 key steps towards landing your ideal job. Here are the last 3 steps you can take towards landing your ideal job:

    Continually Seek Out Ways to Improve Your Skills

    Enroll in opportunities for professional development and continuing education. This allows you to be a more marketable job seeker and shows potential employers you are a continual learner in your area(s) of expertise. Many employers will pay all (or a portion) of this cost for their employees to keep up-to-date with training and seminars. Keep as current as possible since your resume should only reflect the last 10 years of professional development.

    Know When You are Too Close to the Situation to be Objective

    It is very hard to be objective when it comes to your own resume, your career, and your life. Add into the mix that friends and family can be well meaning, but sometimes they have a hard time in truly helping job seekers due to misinformation and lack of knowledge. So if you are a career-minded professional who realizes you are too emotionally tied to your background and career, you may be best served by going to a career expert for advice and guidance. Make sure you are informed and educated through doing your research, knowing your options, and be clear on what you are getting with your important investment.

    Assessing the Company You Interviewed with to Determine the Fit for Your Career

    When securing a job interview, many people get caught up in the idea that, “they are interviewing me,” and as a result, get very nervous and sometimes common sense can go “out the window” with some basic do’s and don’ts. The key thing to remember in a job interview is, “YOU are interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you.” So ask yourself after the interview, is this a position I’d be interested in applying for if the geographic location, company culture, and salary requirements are a “good fit?” Would I consider this position to be my ideal job or one that could lead to obtaining my ideal job in the future?”

    If after the interview you STILL want to be considered for the job, make sure to send a thank you or follow-up letter. In very competitive positions, this little letter could mean the difference between getting the job and not, and negotiating the compensation you deserve.

    By using these tips, you will be on your way to competing well in today’s competitive job market.

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