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    Tips for Landing Your Ideal Job – Part 2

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    Last month, I outlined 4 key steps towards landing your ideal job. Here are 3 more steps you can take:

    Prepare Other Personal Marketing Documents, such as Cover Letters and LinkedIn Profiles

    Everyone knows you need a resume to secure almost any job nowadays. However, don’t forget that cover letters and e-notes along with a LinkedIn Profile are the other key documents job seekers should have to market and brand themselves the same way their new and updated resume does. In other words, you want to portray your qualifications the same way throughout all of your personal marketing documents. Social media, particularly LinkedIn, has now become the place where job seekers and hiring managers go when they want to find qualified candidates. Don’t shortchange yourself by missing out on LinkedIn’s networking and job search capabilities for business professionals.

    Research Companies you are Interested in Exploring Career Opportunities With

    The Internet can be overwhelming, but no one can deny it is a great resource when you want to find information quickly and efficiently. Information on the Internet is not always accurate, but it is still a great place to go when you are starting a job search to research companies you might be interested in working for, review company financial information, and find job descriptions for various positions of interest.

    Adequately Prepare for Employment Interviews

    When most people think of interviews, the first thing that comes to mind is the in-person interview. In today’s world, it is important to realize the interview begins when you submit your resume and provide your contact information to potential employers. The first step is making sure you have an email address and phone message that is professional sounding. Also, keep in mind that phone interviews are now common practice and used as a first screening of job candidates, so be professional and be prepared that it could be a potential employer on the line when you answer your phone.

    By using these tips, you will be on your way to competing well in today’s competitive job market. Stay tuned next month for the last in the 3-part series on “Tips for Landing Your Ideal Job.”

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