Performing Key Word Research for Effective Resume Interviews and Writing

In terms of “key word research,” what I learned in my master’s study in technical writing was how much we take for granted about what we know when we share information with others. No matter how good of a communicator, most job seekers unwittingly censor themselves and forget key terminology; or, they have been in one company for so long they don’t know the industry buzzwords. Relying on them for critical key “process” words that a gatekeeper (HR Clerk) or key word scanning system (ATS, OTR, etc.) might be looking for is typically dangerous.

I have looked at keyword books and software, but don’t find them comprehensive enough. I used to rely on printed materials but find they are just not up-to-date by the time they hit print. Therefore, a selling feature of my resume service is that I perform targeted research for every project. This typically doesn’t exceed 15 minutes but allows me to grab further potentially relevant content for the resume. Plus, it helps me prepare to be knowledgeable in the resume interview process.

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