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    Why Member Resume Writers & Career Coaches Say, “Join Today!”

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    Why members say you should join CDISo it’s Monday again!

    Are you already caught in the hustle or feeling fine?

    CDI CAN help!!

    I wanted to share some of the feedback I received from members last week when I asked them what CDI does for them.

    If you’ve been to the CDI website then you’ve seen many testimonials from our raving fans who’ve shared their amazing wins!

    The following member testimonials on why you should join are all new:

    Bridget Batson headshot

    CDI has a special place in my heart. This organization, with its abundant resources, cutting-edge intelligence, and knowledgeable members, has been momentous in my growth and continues to shine every single day.

    I have expanded my skills in SEO, marketing, and business management while remaining current on emerging careers, resume writing, ATS, and market trends/advancements.

    With their resources, I have been able to build a strong reputation and triple my business without the need for thousands of dollars in advertising. I have had immense value in this organization. CDI has been my superhero. – Bridget Batson, Houston Outplacement Resume Writing and Career Counseling

    Erin Kennedy Headshot

    I tell anyone who seeks out my advice about getting into the careers/resume industry, RUN!, don’t walk to Career Directors International.

    CDI is packed full of resources, webinars, meetups, freebies, and more. It is my one-stop shop for any questions, I have.

    Has it helped me find success with my business, Laura DeCarlo?

    Hands down, YES. Thanks for all you do! – Erin Kennedy – Professional Resume Services, Inc.

    Deborah L. Schuster, CPRW

    Joining CDI is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business. I’ve been writing resumes for 25 years, but this membership took me to the next level. The webinars are amazing, and most are free to members.

    The most valuable part of membership for me?

    It has restored the JOY in what I do. It turns out that creating high impact resume graphics is one of my favorite parts of my job. While my primary skill is writing, the graphic design engages another side of the brain.

    CDI has always been at the forefront of the industry when it comes to resume designs that draw in the eye. – Deborah L. Schuster – The Lettersmith

    Elizabeth Craig Headshot

    Laura DeCarlo…you definitely empower all of us to help our clients in so many ways and make it fun!

    Also, James Cooper’s SEO presentation on Thursday was beyond FANTASTIC!

    Thank you! – Elizabeth Craig – ELC Global, LLC


    With CDI you get access to the resources, tools, training, and connection to make it happen!

    Enjoy your day - all work and no play makes us dullLook, it’s NOT ENOUGH to think if you do what you love that you’ll love what you do!

    CDI is defining an oasis where you can nourish your skills and your soul.

    We all need it right now more than ever!

    I hope you’ll join all of us as we navigate how to get off the hustle, engage more deeply (without having to leave your Zoom screen), and flourish with success even is these uncertain times!


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