Job Magnet Secrets You NEED to Know: Take the Work out of Job Search

bigstock-Job-Offers--Man-With-Many-Job-12258440Wouldn’t it be great if you could take all the effort out of job search? If instead of spending hours sending off applications on job boards, employers came to you?

As a career coach I’ve met a lot of individuals, from ‘tradies’ right through to CEO’s, who have never really needed to look for work. As they put it “it always just comes to me.”

When they hear this, a lot of outsiders simply write it off as ‘good luck’ or put it down to the fact that those people must have been in the ‘right place at the right time’. But when you look a little closer this is rarely the case.

Their secret for attracting job offers doesn’t seem to be ‘where’ or ‘what’ they were doing at the time of the job offer but in what they do each and every day. It’s the sum of millions of tiny little actions that together add up to them being seen as valuable talent by those around them.

The following are the strategies job magnets use that you can apply to increase your likelihood of being seen as a hot commodity to potential employers:

  • Credibility: Employers want proven performers so credibility is critical to attracting job offers. People who are poached or headhunted usually are experts in their field and have a reputation for surpassing expectations. They are passionate about what they do and committed to doing it well (no matter who is watching or the size of the client they are doing it for!).
  • Visibility: Job magnets usually have strong networks. They treat people well and invest time in building genuine solid relationships and helping others around them. The result is a network of people who know them, respect them, enjoy being around them, and want to help them out. Spend time building real networks. (You know the ones I mean: those not built on the number of people you know, but on how much you mean to them).
  • Ethics: When it comes to attracting employers, being regarded as ethical is paramount. Past behavior speaks volumes here: how you talked about past colleagues, how much notice you gave your past employer, how well you handled confidential company information, how you treated others, are all defining factors that will doggedly follow you and influence a company’s interest in employing you. The old adage never burn bridges is wise counsel.
  • Continually Evolving: The secret to success in today’s world of work is to be continually growing. Job magnets are usually continual learners constantly looking for ways to grow their skills and bring more value to their employers and the market at large. Lifelong learning, curiosity, and an awareness of what’s changing in your industry are important to maintain value in today’s shifting employment markets.
  •  Open & Available: Job magnets are usually good communicators. Maintaining an up-to-date LinkedIn profile with the relevant keywords so recruiters and employers can find you is important, as is returning phone calls and emails. Being friendly and engaging with everyone are also simple things but can make a big difference to your likelihood in being approached. Sometimes it’s the person you would never have expected, that leads you to receiving a job offer for a dream role.

 Like any worthwhile pursuit, it’s the attention to the finer details and the spadework put in each day that makes the end achievement look so easy. With a little time and effort you can be a job magnet too.

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