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    New Forbes Article: Writers & Coaches – Don’t Fear ChatGPT

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    Forbes Article - Don't Fear the ChatBots for Writers, Coaches and EntrepreneursYou’ve seen my practical prompt tips for using OpenAI chatbots such as ChatGPT and Bard, along with urgings not to fear the chatbots and how to embrace them.

    (CDI will be sharing information about an upcoming live OpenAI exploration session when we publish our upcoming training series; currently all are free for members).

    When I wrote this Forbes article I chose to approach it in a way that wouldn’t make it dated through a potentially lengthy publishing cycle,. Based on what I’m continuing to see from resume writers, career coaches and other entrepreneurs, this was the best approach!

    You see, every day I’ve got private emails pouring in about the newest AI-driven app that might be “the” thing to replace us or take a chunk out of us.

    But as I say at the start of the article:

    It might be different, but it’s not poised to replace us unless we let it.

    Throughout history, savvy salespeople and marketers, both of which entrepreneurs must learn to be, have understood the necessity for educating the public about a problem or need and its solution.

    This is no different!

    Further, just because our would-be clients have access to these chatbots and find nifty lists of prompts online doesn’t mean they are any more prepared to utilize them to craft winning outputs than they were before.”

    It’s time to stop fearing ChatGPT and other chatbots!

    Yes, even as ‘targeted’ apps emerge for cover letters or resumes, what stops generic content input by a job seeker from not being generic output?

    You might say, “But they can input the job description and pull from it”.

    I say, “Great! Now they’re qualified just like every other applicant.”

    Might get them in the door, might not.

    Won’t give them much more than a slight edge on selling themselves than they had before.

    It certainly won’t give them the ability to stand out from other qualified applicants.

    In the article I hit on why:

    • Entrepreneurs are built for challenges like these.
    • This isn’t tech poised to take over our livelihoods.
    • Leaning in to OpenAI is an important step to take.
    • Clients aren’t going to replace us anymore than software templates have.

    We’ve got this! So, don’t fear ChatGPT and other OpenAI chatbots! 

    As I close the article, let me say here:

    You don’t have to be an expert to use these chatbots. I’m just putting in the time, and you can, too! The only mistake is in trying to avoid what’s here. AI doesn’t represent our final stand!

    So if it feels like it’s kicking you, let it kick you forward to see all the ways it can benefit you.”

    I hope you’ll check out the article and share it as well!

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